Why Aren’t You Getting More Likes on Instagram?

Businesses and individuals who want to make their online presence better are looking for a platform to help them achieve what they are looking for. Most of them have visited different platforms Like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. But they find Instagram is a more effective and efficient app than many others. That’s why they used to prefer Instagram for their objectives, and due to that, it has over a billion of uses. To increase their number of followers and turn different people to their accounts, they also used to buy UK Instagram followers.

As you come to know, Instagram is a platform used by people to stand their ground and make their identity in the digital world. When you get much success in increasing your number of likes to your posts, you get much visibility. Number of people tends to follow you if you have more likes to your posts. That’s why people use to buy Instagram likes UK to show that their posts are more engaging and come to posts. And then, they used to adopt a number of techniques to get more likes. But some of the accounts are not getting many likes; however, they know that Instagram is a massive platform.

In this article, we are going to discuss some factors that cause to IG profile to net get many likes for their posts or profile are as follows:

Bots are getting Shutdown.

Most of the accounts on Instagram prefer to use automated tools that can do their task and reduce their stress. But you will be surprised to know that these are automated tools are against the rules of Instagram policy. However, most of the accounts are using different kinds of automated tools for schedule posting, bots liking, and so on.

When Instagram comes to know about automated tools and bots that automatically like their posts, then he comes to close them. Instagram has also closed the most famous app Instagress, and that’s the reason number of bots are closed that were liking posts and generating many likes to them. That’s why a person that was getting many likes to their posts by using bots is not getting that many likes. Due to that, Instagram has shut down the bots that are doing their work for you.


One of the main reasons for not getting many likes on Instagram is that your account is shadowban. In the past few times, Instagram has shadowban most of the accounts without any notification and alert. And people didn’t know why they were getting shadowban and what is the reason. Even they are unable to know if their account is shadowbanned or not. So to check if your account is shadowbanned or not, you can find out by using hashtags. One of the main signals of checking whether your account is shadowban or not is by checking whether your hashtags are working or not. In this case, you will find out your account is shadowban by Instagram, and that’s why you are not getting many likes.

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Use of Hashtags

sed in the above paragraph, shadowban means your account is not working properly. Most people or marketers use hashtags in posts to increase their engagement rates and get many likes. Instagram also allows its users to use up to 30 hashtags in one post so that they can get much better results by using them. But once their account gets shadowban, they cannot get better results by using hashtags. It may change the hashtags they are using are now block by Instagram management. For example, if they were using hashtags like “desk,” “lifestyles,” and so on. So these words of hashtags are block by Instagram for them. That’s the reason they are not getting many likes for their account.

Neglecting Instagram stories

People on Instagram use to watch stories instead of scrolling their feeds. And that’s the reason over 200 million users use to watch stories on Instagram. It is enough amount of people that you can target for your business and increase the number of likes. People who are getting success are used to buy UK Instagram likes for their accounts and then putting their content on their stories. On the other hand, people who used to neglect the importance of sharing content with IG stories are failing in their goals.

Final Words

There are varieties of reasons for not getting many likes on a massive platform like Instagram. And you must have to avoid them. Some of the very common reasons, like shadowban neglecting the importance of IG stories, are described in our article. Must avoid these factors and not use to do inappropriate things that cause failure. Failure means you are not getting many likes for your account.


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