VoIP Phone System: Introduction, Working, Advantages, & Importance

VoIP Phone System

Many studies carried out by different research institutes have revealed that in comparison to PSTN phones, VoIP is a better choice. This is why VoIP, rather than using a Public Switch Telephone Network line can potentially save you up to 40 % on local calls. And up to 90 % on international calls. This is one of the many reasons, VoIP is becoming more of a trend and the traditional telephony is dying. The VoIP phone system is not a new technology, rather it has been around for a couple of years.   

Spending money on obsolete equipment and communication lines is not an option for businesses. Moreover, due to the outburst of the COVID-19, organizations are left with the only option of remote working. Also, to cater to this new situation, you need cloud PBX for your company’s communication needs. Moreover, this advanced office phone technology offers a great many communication features that can help you in making your workflow more efficient. Continue reading because this blog will walk you through all the details on this innovative technology and the reason it is in demand these days.  

VoIP Phone System: An Introduction

VoIP also referred to as cloud PBX, is a phone technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls using the internet instead of traditional phone lines. Unlike traditional phones that require circuit wiring for making communications, VoIP works over the internet.

The Voice Over Internet Protocol technology also doesn’t require any special hardware for installation. The system can run on any inter-enabled device. Additionally, VoIP doesn’t send voice as analog signals, rather it first converts these analog signals into digital data and then transmits them over the internet.

And at the receiver end, these data packets are converted back to their original form (analog signals). In this form, this data becomes an understandable message for the receiver. To your surprise, all these conversions are made within seconds and you (as a user) don’t even get a hint of it.   

3 Benefits of VoIP Solutions

A lot of standards show that VoIP is best than other traditional phones. Also, it gets popularity from every industry. This is why some of the important benefits are following:

  • Provides Best Cost-Effective

Cost is the most important concern of every small business and VoIP phones have resolved this concern. When it comes to the expenses of a communication cost, there are three costs you need to consider. First, the cost of installation; the cost you need to spend on buying expensive hardware. With VoIP technology, you don’t require any hardware, in fact, you can use your laptops or other internet-enabled devices for communication.

Furthermore, unlike traditional phones, this technology doesn’t require any circuit wiring. The second, the cost of maintenance. Unlike traditional phones where you have to keep a team of skilled professionals for the maintenance of your phone system, VoIP is maintained by the VoIP service provider.

Also, per-call cost. The per-call cost of VoIP is also much economical than other phone systems. Moreover, some VoIP providers even offer free local calls and this means you can communicate with your local clients for free. 

  • Offers Greater Flexibility

With VoIP, you don’t need to run additional cables and special hardware for your phone. You can use the existing internet and any internet-enabled device for communication. Furthermore, unlike traditional phones where changing your business location changes your phone numbers, VoIP provides phone numbers that are not dependent on location.

And another important quality of VoIP is, with its call forwarding feature, you can take a call wherever you are. You don’t necessarily have to be present at the desk for making the communication.   

  • Feature of Call Recording

The call recording feature has great significance when you use the PBX system for small businesses. It allows you and your colleagues to playback important calls, ensuring that you have not missed the important messages. With this modern phone system, you can also review call logs to determine what time of the day customers are calling the most.

Also, you can learn about things like how long each call lasts, and much more relevant information. This information will help you decide on your marketing strategy and other business operations. In this case, VoIP is best as an office phone. All these standards show that the VoIP phone system is very beneficial for all sorts of businesses.

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