Is There any Treatment Done by Erectile Dysfunction Medicines

erectile dysfunction medicines

Erectile dysfunction is a very ordinary problem found in men. Also, the men who suffer from this problem are generally not able to satisfy their partners well, as they can not keep up their erections for long. Generally, it is tough for a man to get erections needed in sexual intercourse. And also, if he gets it, he cannot keep erections for a very long time. There can be a lot of physical and underlying medical situations, which can lead to the problem of Erectile dysfunction. However, the doctors are still not sure about the exact causes. But if the patient goes to the doctor in time, there is a high probability that he will get effective erectile dysfunction medicines and treatment.

However, if you want to know all about the problem, causes, and symptoms of Erectile dysfunction, read down the article to the end.

What is Erectile Dysfunction-

The inability of a man to get erections and to keep erections is known as Erectile Dysfunction. Impotence is another name for the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. Although, this problem is much more common in men over 40 years. Also, before starting any erectile dysfunction medicine, the doctors try to find out the causes causing the problem of Erectile Dysfunction. But this problem can lead to a lot of dissatisfaction in the sexual life of the couple.

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction-

There are a lot of visible symptoms, which can show if a man is suffering from the problem of ED. Also, the problem of low libido levels must not be compared to the problem of Erectile dysfunction; as both issues are entirely different. Thus, it is essential to acknowledge the symptoms in time to start the erectile dysfunction medicines as soon as possible. So, if you are going through the problem of ED, you may see the following symptoms in you.
1. It is challenging for you to get an erection.
2. Even if, after a lot of struggle, you get an erection, you can not maintain it for long.
3. You have very little sexual desire.
4. There is a lot of anxiety and performance pressure on you.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction-

There can be a lot of causes of the problem of ED. Some of the causes of Erectile Dysfunction can be medical issues, while others can be psychological. Some of the Physical and psychological causes leading to ED are as follows-

Physical Causes-

  1. The patient who suffers from the problem of clogged blood vessels, heart diseases, high cholesterol, and blood pressure issues can go through the trouble of ED.
  2. Certain surgeries and medications can also lead to the problem of ED.
  3. Excessive tobacco use and sleep disorders are also reasons for ED in some men.
  4. Erectile Dysfunction can also be because of low testosterone levels.
  5. If you suffer from Peyronie’s disease, it can cause scarring inside the tissue of the penis.

Psychological causes of ED-

Sometimes brain cells also play a crucial role in triggering the events or situations, which can cause the problem of ED. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Suffering from the problem of stress, depression, or any other mental condition.
  2. Extreme Anxiety
  3. There are relationship problems between you and your partner, due to poor communication.

Erectile Dysfunction Medicines & Treatment-

1. Oral medications-

Some of the oral medications available for Erectile dysfunction are Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadafil, etc. All these erectile dysfunction medicines can be highly helpful in increasing the blood flow in the penis and giving you firm erections. But consult a doctor before taking any dose of medication. They might have some side effects if you take them in large quantities. Also, these medications are not helpful in every situation.

2. Penis Pumps-

A penis pump is an effective device, which has a hollow tube. All you have to do is place the hollow tube over your penis, which creates suction and increases blood flow to the penis. This increase in blood flow in the penis can help the patient have firm erections. You can use this device just before having intercourse, as it gives sufficient erections, which are to have intercourse.

3. Exercise-

Studies have shown that vigorous to moderate daily exercise can help control the problem of ED. So, make a daily workout routine for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily.

4. Psychological Counselling-

If the problem of ED in you is due to anxiety, depression, or stress, then it can create stress and tension in your relationship. In this scenario, the doctors generally tell the patients to go through Psychological counselling. Also, it is better if you and your partner both attend the counselling together, to get better results.

5. Alternative medicines-

There are many alternative medicines in the market, which claim to work for the problem of Erectile dysfunction. But it would help if you were highly cautious of them, as they can harm your health. Also, the food and drug administration has highly warned people about particular herbal Viagra, as they can potentially harm your body.
Also, if you take these drugs, they can interact with your old prescription drugs which can drop down your blood pressure drastically. One who takes nitrates products, these erectile dysfunction medicines can be hazardous them too.

Who is the best Sexologist for Erectile Dysfunction-

If you are looking for a highly knowledgeable and experienced doctor, who can treat our problem of Erectile dysfunction, you should immediately consult Dr Chirag Bhandari. He knows about treating various patients who have been through the same situations. Also, he has delivered about 99 per cent of the time positive results. You can also avail of online counselling sessions with him.

Take Away-

Many people go through some sexual and personal problems; in their lifetimes. But they never get them treated as they are highly ashamed of discussing their issues with doctors. But in reality, if they get their problems treated in time, they can have positive results. So, if you also go through a situation of Erectile Dysfunction, then you should immediately seek sexologist help. Also, the best clinic to cure these problems such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low libido levels is IASH, India. So, if you need more information about the doctors and the hospital, then check it out on their official site “IASH India.”

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