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The graduation ceremony is an extremely significant event for students. It also aids to prepare for getting ready for the IAS Preparation in multiple ways. Let’s take a look … which degree is best for ias

Best Graduation Course for IAS

A high-quality graduation diploma can aid in getting a good grade in IAS Preparation. In our discussions with IAS Toppers Many have suggested that there’s an immediate link between graduation degrees and the subject of choice for the IAS Main Exam. It’s not the subject as such, but rather the method of the candidates that increases chances of getting selected for IAS Main Exam. IAS Exam. The subject of choice is not better than another, however it’s the writing skills as well as the answers given by the candidates that makes the distinction.

With the power of government jobs growing each hour. IAS distinguish themselves from the rest because of the respect and authority it enjoys in Indian society. Many aspirants begin dreaming of becoming members of the Indian Administrative Service right from their school years and start studying for the highly sought-after civil services exam from then on. This trend has shown an increase over the past two years. Even IAS institutions for coaching have been able to register an increase in the number of students. Who are who are preparing for the IAS exam.

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They are the ones who are still deciding their subject of choice, usually encounter a question that is common to all applicants for the most important exam of all, i.e. which subject is the best to pass IAS? IAS exam. There is no single, easy answer to this question because the most basic requirement required for taking an applicant to take the IAS exam is graduation or some equivalent level. In addition, there are many subject options available from various streams, making the IAS exam an equal chance game for applicants from all background, be it humanities or technical.

In the next section, we will attempt to address this issue by highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each topic as to preparing for the IAS exam is concerned:


Humanities are typically regarded as the most prestigious for the civil service examination. When we examine the information provided from UPSC UPSC within their reports for the year, it is possible to find that subjects from the humanities have had higher rate of success compared to other subjects. However, despite this, the general participation and achievement percentage of students with a humanities has taken decline over the recent years. However, despite the factors mentioned above, applicants with humanities backgrounds make up an impressive number of candidates who are able to pass the IAS exam.

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Given the current situation it is evident that engineering has been the trend and method of passing the IAS exam is related. If we consider IAS toppers from the past couple of years, it is clear that those with an backgrounds in engineering have been the most successful candidates for the exam. Although the rate of success for candidates who choose engineering subjects as optional subjects in IAS exam is in the lower end but we can see that toppers have had success in the technical areas. However, generally speaking engineering is the most popular choice in case you wish to not just pass the civil service exam but also be as one of the top candidates to be considered for IAS post.


A tiny but reasonable percentage of students of the science stream do choose to choose to join the civil service and get it often. But, their numbers have not been large enough to make an impression on the final total. In light of the increasing importance of scientific thought and increasing demand for technocrats within the bureaucratic system It is certainly seeing increasing slowly and steadily.

Medical Science

This is due in part to the fact that after obtaining the professional level there aren’t many applicants seeking to work in the bureaucracy. However, just like physical science there is a growing number of aspirants and candidates who have the medical sciences background is increasing.

B.Com / MBA / BBA / CA / CS / CFA

However, over the past few years we’ve seen an increase in the number of applicants from B.Com and MBA backgrounds have noticed. With the introduction of CSAT that focuses on reasoning, maths data interpretation, and decision-making students who have completed B.Com and MBA are now thinking more about the civil service examination. In the coming days, we are likely to see an increase in their numbers in both the number of candidates who take part as well as the success rate.


No matter what the past and trends of the moment suggest that. When it comes to passing an IAS exam is involved the entire process boils to the enthusiasm and commitment of the applicant. Whatever you decide to do, even if it’s the “ideal” steam or topic, it won’t have any impact unless and until you are truly passionate about the subject. In addition to enthusiasm, the subject you pick should also encourage you to do your best and work hard because there is no substitute for dedication in the civil service exam.

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