Important tips and strategies to approach IAS / UPSC CSE Interview – Topper’s view.

UPSC Mock Interview

UPSC CSE Interview is one of the most awaited opportunities for a Civil Services aspirant in his lifetime. So, the preparation for upsc mock interview should be done with complete dedication of heart and soul. As we know, it is tough to change someone’s personality overnight and at the same time it is not necessary to change it.

What is desirable for this interview is to present your true self as a confident person with a positive and welcoming attitude. Get tips as per your DAF & register for the Mock Interview for Free

In New Delhi there are many IAS Coaching institutions where they organize Mock Interview. EDEN IAS holds a great experience in this field, as during the interview of 2020 there were many aspirants who got selected and they got same score in their UPSC Interview what they got in EDEN IAS Mock Interview, there are many toppers like Vaishali Jain UPSC CSE Rank 21, Pulkit Singh UPSC CSE Rank 26, Sandhi Jain UPSC CSE Rank 329, Ayushi Jain UPSC CSE Rank 85, Apurva Tripathi UPSC CSE Rank 68, Jayant Singh Rathore UPSC CSE Rank 59 …

These are some mock interview video links of these toppers –

As per the experience of past years topper Mr. Rishanth Reddy | IPS, 2016 | Rank -180 (Scored 275 in Interview) – You just need to present your independent thought with proper articulation, which means you should be presenting your though which can lead Interview members to know more about your vision towards life, which will draw their attention to you and eventually you will be taking the flow of their questions in your direction.  (The major purpose is to reflect yourself as an interesting personality)

But to generate such confidence level in you; The most important is to “Get this thought out of your mind that – Interviewers are sitting there to Roast or grill you!!

They are sitting there to know more about you!! As they have already tested your knowledge in the Prelims and Mains (written) Examination.

There is another myth that the interview is an extension of the Mains (Written) examination; or you need to answer all the questions asked during the interview. It is even better to acknowledge humbly and can say – I don’t know the answer.

You can use several questions to show your ideas and values, your career goals or a few simple but important part of your personality through some personal examples, quotes or some examples from history.

These are few important tips for UPSC / IAS Exam Interview….

  1. Exhibit a Calm and Balanced PersonalityThey are looking forward to choose a responsible person who can handle even a worst situation in a calm and composed manner with a balanced view for everyone. A person who understands the difference between Response and Reaction.


  1. Exhibit a good non-verbal communication Most of the times it been observed that non-verbal communication can present the inner personality better beyond words (A good body language, humble eye contact). So, work on both… Your Gesture and Posture.


  1. Flexibility in thoughts & ready to learn – You should never so any adamance or get into any debate, rather you should be welcoming and eager to learn. Feel comfortable to acknowledge your weaknesses but at the same time show courage to conquer them. But never compromise on your Morals and Integrity.


  1. To the point, concise and conclusive answers – Your answer should never bluff or mislead your interviewer. A simple and to the point answer is a better way to win a heart. Do not beat around the bush!! Do not lie!!

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  1. Be attentive and a good listener –   You should be motivated an patient at the same time with a lot of gratitude and respect to listen to the questions of the interviewer. So always keep in mind; Listen carefully and wait for your turn to speak.


  1. Know yourself Have a good hold on your DAF (Detailed Application Form); Get an analysis of your DAF with Feedback – Send us your DAF interview Read it time and again and prepare yourself accordingly – like Work on your hobbies, have good research on the related areas of your hobbies and interest. Your DAF should be a real mirror image of you!!


  1. Revise your optional subject and also do fair research on your graduation subjects Most of the times the Interviewers try to get into your past (through your graduation) or try to check your strength (through optional subject). You should be composed because it is normal to not answer a few questions!!


  1. Know your culture – You should do proper research on your state and district. It shows your attachment towards your motherland.


  1. Arrange your documents properly – You should be well arranged with your papers. Because you are going to be responsible for papers and valuable documents in the whole service. Be organized!!


  1. Finish it calmly & positively – Show a fighter’s spirit and end it like a conqueror with a happy face and positive attitude. Finish it like a perfectionist!!


Is all set to prepare you on all the above grounds. Get the best of you with our Mock Interview session with a diverse panel of members. Here Comes the time to write for us  about solutions.

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