How To Make Happy Hour & Flash Sales Work for Your Food Business


Happy hour is the most common tactic for attracting diners to any restaurant. Since it’s so broad, you need a little creative “spice” to set you apart and focus on your fun hours. Whether it’s a clever appetizer, bargain-basement special or adorable pups, you must update on-demand food delivery platforms with happy hour sales. You and your competitors will offer some discount on weekdays from 3 to 7 p.m.

Happy hour attracts everyone from co-workers to after-work drinkers to friends who want to meet up during the week. But how can you fill your bar or restaurant during happy hour, and what tricks can you use for on-demand food delivery solution to keep guests coming back? We’ve compiled a list of happy hour ideas to increase sales, increase customer loyalty, and attract new guests to our happy hours.

How did the happy hour idea emerge?

We first find the term “happy hour” in the early 19th century, when naval sailors began using the phrase to refer to a time when they could take a break from their onboard duties and relax. The sentence then spread to citizens who drank before dinner. We can think of it as pre-gaming, except that alcohol was illegal.

After (or during) work hours, the habit of drinking developed and continued, strengthened by local time. In the 1960s, restaurants and pubs began to use the term “happy hours” to describe temporary (usually hourly) regular discounts on peaks, which are held during off-peak hours (usually after working hours) to attract customers.

In the 1970s, restaurants began adding food to their Happy Hour specials. Since then, the fun time has evolved into a few happy hours – this can take up to 4 hours (usually the afternoon or evening hours).

It should come as no surprise that the concept of Happy Hours has become a global trend with the rising popularity of on-demand delivery solution. Consumers love it – they can save money when they go out (and socialize more often). Restaurants like it because:

  • It is a source of additional income.
  • It helps in a continuous flow of income (to increase off-peak hours).
  • This generates more buzz about their restaurant.
  • It can help to get more brand awareness and brand love.
  • It helps to convert your existing customers into brand campaigners.

Needs of happy hours in your restaurant business

If you are a restaurant owner, you are looking for ways to develop a food delivery app and to increase your location sales. Many successful restaurants have used Happy Hour and special value to meet revenue goals. So, before we get into the idea of ​​some creative happy hours, here are some reasons why experimenting with happy hours might be good for your bottom line!

Accelerate with a slow shift

All locations (especially when starting) are naturally slow days or weeks when the number of covers is not as high as they would like. Giving Happy Hour Pricing is a great way to attract guests to your slow shift.

Low editing costs for new guests

One of the important things about Happy Hours is that once a guest arrives for your Happy Hour and is satisfied with their experience, they return and bring friends along. You might think Happy Hour Pricing initially to attach them to the door. Then it’s up to your business to offer quality products and service, so they keep coming back!

Rotate inventory

Offering products at discounted prices is the best way to get through slow-moving inventory with the help of develop a food delivery software. It’s also a great way to highlight something on your menu that you want your guests to notice. There’s an excellent dish that you take away but find that your guests don’t usually order it because it’s from an unfamiliar winery.

Event promotion

After all, Happy Hour is something to promote – it’s another way to spread the word about your business to the community and give them a reason to come. Happy hour is a fun theme for content on social media and can be added to local directories like King of Happy Hour or event listing apps like Facebook Local.

How to differentiate your restaurant from competitors?

We’ve included reasons why bars and restaurants may consider having hours of fun as part of their business. Here are some creative Happy Hour Ideas to set you apart from your competitors.

Flash happy hours

Take a look at the 2-hour Happy Hour pricing times you promote on social media before the special starts. This is a great way to encourage guests to join and follow you on social media. You can provide followers with a special password to receive discounts or to enter a specific area (where discounts or special offers are offered)

Themed happy hours

Themed happy hours create a community in your bar and are usually a lot of fun! The most important thing for themed days is to tap what you know about your existing customer base. Choose a theme that makes it easy for guests to interact with what they already have. You can ask guests to wear superhero costumes to access a specific cocktail list or consider a “twin” event where two people wear identical outfits for a special BOGO item.

Special event cost

You can even offer a special price as part of the fun when hosting an event at your location! For a sports bar, consider signing up during a game for guests to participate in something like a ‘hockey club’, where only club members are offered discounts during games.

Happy victory hour

Do you want to encourage sports fans to come but don’t want to discount too many things? Make it a competition! Encourage fans to wear their team gear and host a fun fan vs fan game during intermission! Then, in the end, the fans wearing the winning team’s gear also win! Reward those fans with a house shot or a special discount!

How to attract more diners to your restaurant with happy hour?

Provide value for money. According to Statista, 46% of happy hour go-to restaurant are attracted to great prices. But about 41% of the guests reported that the food was also the centre of attraction for the price. Offer special food to encourage additional sales and attract larger crowds during happy times.

Offer recipes that can be shared. Many happy hour goers will come in groups of at least two or three. Guests may feel the need to choose between a full dinner or just a drink, but you can simplify the decision by providing several simple share plates for guests to choose from.

Track your guests’ behaviour and focus on your target market. Understand who your guests are and what they order the most on your on-demand food delivery apps. Offer special deals on those items during Happy Hour. If large groups frequent your bar, provide reciprocal dishes and special pitchers.
Play with unique happy hour times. For example, create a lunchtime happy hour to cater to guests who will choose affordable meals during their lunch break. Or offer discounted food and drinks at slower times to maximize profits.

Use social media and other marketing tactics. The popular “Taco Tuesday” has become a popular hashtag, bringing food to Mexican restaurants every Tuesday. Create hashtags that guests can use to post about your happy times on social media.

Final thoughts

Offering specialty foods and drinks, hosting fun events and using top-notch marketing are all ideas that go well beyond happy hours. Start building an on-demand food ordering application and bring your routine back to life by providing consistent, high-quality service and keeping your strategies creative.

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