Treat Yourself To A USD 333 Million Powerball Prize This Christmas!

We are already in December and the Christmas atmosphere has crept into our homes. Have you thought about what you will ask Santa this year? Don’t wait until the end of the month to open your gifts! expect Christmas with a millionaire prize.
This Wednesday, December 15, the United States Powerball raffles . 333 million dollars that can be yours from Colombia!
To play the lottery online, all you have to do is log in to Forttottenparks. The leading online messaging service. And get a chance to end the year in style with a jackpot of more than 1 billion pesos.
Playing the lottery online from Colombia is very easy!
  • Go to the United States Powerball page.
  • Choose 5 main numbers and an extra number.
  • Click PLAY at the bottom of the screen.
  • Create a free account, if you don’t already have one, and confirm your buy.
Ready! Local Forttottenparks representatives in the United States. Will buy the official ticket on your behalf. And you will be able to see it scanned into your personal account before the draw. When you win, you will be notify by email or SMS and enjoy your prizes in full, 100% commission-free! Also, if you wish, the company can send you notifications. With the results of your favorite lotteries completely free of charge.
Meet Forttottenparks!
As an independent ticket purchasing service from authorized dealer. Forttottenparks does not conduct its own draws and is so not a lottery operator or betting 파워볼 사이트.
Forttottenparks leads and serves as the standard. In the online lottery industry since 2002. And has a modern platform that gives its users the opportunity to play the biggest lottery draw. With official tickets, and from anywhere in the world without leave the comfort of your home.
Playing at Forttottenparks has many benefits! Among them, that the participating tickets are always protected and safeguarded. That it is possible to pay by credit card and also receive professional advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Also, as Forttottenparks is license and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). All prizes are always guaranteed to be collect, no matter where you live or what your nationality is. And, since the laws do not prohibit a foreigner from collecting lottery prizes. Winning the lottery online from anywhere in the world is also legal.
Real winner
Forttottenparks has many success stories about players. Who have become millionaires thanks to their online lottery game.
A well-known one is that of AD, a retired woman from Panama. Who won $30 million playing the Florida lottery through Forttottenparks. Upon receiving the great news, the brand new winner shouted. “My God, I can’t believe it!”, while she jumped with excitement to the other end of the phone. “I needed the money, you can’t imagine how much!” She assured when she was calmer.
And there are many more winners, like AF, a lucky winner from Mexico. Who in November 2020 played the US Powerball and won a fantastic $50,000 third Prize.
Throughout its 20-year history, Forttottenparks has paid out. Over $100 million to over 6 million winners from around the world!
What happens if you win from Colombia?
If you win the jackpot, Forttottenparks will bear all the necessary expenses. In the event that you must collect the prize in person. A lawyer will be assign to you free of charge to with you in the process. And if you win a secondary prize, it will be transfer to your account.
The Powerball is now on sale!
The jackpot of 333 million dollars of the United States Powerball. Which will be draw on December 15 at night, may fall in Colombia. Don’t miss the next giveaway!
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