Expert Advice on Converting Apple Mail to Outlook PST

Apple Mail to Outlook PST

Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Opera Mail, SeaMonkey, IncrediMail, Entourage, and a few other clients support the MBOX format. Many customers wish to switch to a better choice because of the limited selections and benefits. Outlook, on the other hand, is a fantastic email client that provides a wealth of features to its customers. It also accepts PST files, therefore users must convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST before adding it to their account.

Why do Users need to Convert MBOX Files to PST Files?

“Hello!” says the first user. For mailing purposes, I use Mac Mail on my computer. I do, however, need to share some of my emails with my boss, who uses Outlook on his computer. So now I’m looking for the best approach to convert MBOX to PST so that I may read my Apple Mails in MS Outlook. Please advise me on the best way to complete this assignment. Please accept my sincere gratitude.”

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“Hello!” says the second user. I recently switched from Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook PST because I discovered that MS Outlook is more efficient at organizing emails. However, I tried a number of ways but none of them were successful. “Could someone please offer an error-free approach for converting Apple Mail to Outlook PST?”

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Converting MBOX to PST Files by Native is an Option.

Users must complete three steps in order to use the manual solution:

  • MBOX emails should be saved as EML files.
  • To open the EML files in Outlook, simply drag and drop them into the program.
  • Emails can be exported to PST files.

MBOX Emails should be Saved as EML Files.

The ability to store emails as EML files will be available in several MBOX email clients. Thunderbird’s process is as follows:

  • To begin, launch the MBOX email client. Right-click a folder and select New Folder from the menu.
  • Create a folder and give it a name. Select and drag all of the EML messages you want to migrate to the newly formed folder.
  • Users may now see all of the emails that are in the folder.
  • Finally, pick all of the emails and save them as a single file. It will save emails in EML format to whatever location you specify.
  • Outlook can open EML Files.
  • The user must then right-click on the EML files after they have been created. Choose the option to open with Outlook. Save them as an MSG file after that.
  • Users can now drag and drop MSG files into Microsoft Outlook to open them.

Emails can be Exported to PST Files.

  • Follow File > Open & Export > Import/Export to convert the emails to a PST file.
  • Then press the Next button. Select the Outlook Data File option (.pst). Next.
  • Then, navigate to the location where the EML files are kept and click next.
  • To complete the procedure, provide a location for the new PST file, then select the desired choice and click Finish.
  • Note that you can also give the freshly created PST file a password.
  • A new PST file is produced in the user’s specified location.

Reasons why the Manual Method is not Recommended for Users

Unfortunately, users will not be satisfied with this manual solution. If people choose to utilize this method, they will face numerous disadvantages.

Ruptured Images: After conversion, photos, graphics, and other images inserted in the messages may appear in Outlook as broken pictures. In the body of your emails, they aren’t visible.

Time-consuming procedure: Converting your MBOX emails using this method will require a significant amount of time and effort. It also comes with a lot of hassle.

SMTP headers may be lost: Using this method, users may lose their original email SMTP headers (the top part of the email, where email addresses, subject and time stamps, and encoding marks are located). This is a major concern for users who value the integrity of their messages, especially if they work in the field of computer forensics.

Supporting Software Must Be Installed: This manual procedure necessitates the installation of various supporting software. Users must first download and install the application. It’s also an indirect answer.

Convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST in a Flash – Advanced Technical Solution

The above-mentioned manual approach is a lengthy and time-consuming operation. Furthermore, performing the conversion is not a simple task. Aside from that, it has a number of technical flaws that could cause problems for users. As a result, the user is urged to use a third-party solution, such as MBOX Converter, to circumvent all of these constraints. It is a program that converts all MBOX files to PST format with ease. Select data items from an MBOX file can also be converted to PST format. The nicest part is that there are no file size restrictions.

Last Word

This helpful article explains how to convert Apple Mail to Outlook PST in detail. Users who are having problems with this method should refer to this blog article for the best solution. This article discusses both technical and non-technical solutions.

If users do not have any critical data in the MBOX file and are willing to accept data loss. They have the option of using a manual solution. Otherwise, an appropriate approach is to use an MBOX to PST converter, which allows users to convert MBOX to Outlook in the most efficient and straightforward manner possible. As a result, customers can use this solution to do this activity in a shorter amount of time without fear.

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