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Bangalore, a city with so much to offer when it comes to relaxing with friends, family, or having some “me time.” The city is a sanctuary for foodies, adventurers, searchers of solitude and enlightenment, and just plain fun-seekers. This metropolis will not let you down while looking for things to do in Bangalore, a city that is now much more than just the City of Gardens.

Several onlookers have claimed to see ghostly activity in the Kalpalli graveyard. This time in Bangalore, go all out and explore this unique thing to do in Bangalore at night by ascending to a new level of spookiness in Kalpalli. You will truly be immersed in Bangalore’s nightlife. 

Best of Bangalore’s weekend spending places


  • Savandurga hills

Bangalore’s Savandurga hills are well worth visiting. They are, however, far more enjoyable at night. Spend the night camping on the majestic Billigudda and Karigudda mountain peaks that surround this lovely spot.

  • Ramanagara

Ramanagara is known for its diverse collection of massive rocks and stones that surround it. Going on a night journey through this challenging environment is the finest way to discover it.

  • Mutati woodland

All those looking for a fast weekend escape will find Mutati woodland to be a true haven. Staying at one of these jungle lodges might be a refreshing change of pace. Go jungle lodging in Bangalore to achieve a sense of peace.

  • Sri Sudarshana Narasimha temple

Sri Radha Krishna temple and Sri Sudarshana Narasimha temple are two Iskcon temples in Bangalore. These two sites are historically significant and are wonderful places to visit if you wish to learn about the city’s cultural past.

  • Malleswaram

Malleswaram is a neighborhood in Bangalore’s northwest. The splendor of this suburban hamlet is noted for its old-world charm.  Halli Mane and Shirdi Sai Temple are two of Malleswaram’s most popular attractions.

  • Shivgange

Shivgange, a picturesque mountain peak at a height of 1368 meters, is the most popular destination for people wishing to put their physical condition to the test. You can also visit various prominent temples such as Gangadhareshwara temple and Sharadambe temple, among others.

  • Kynkyny art gallery

The Kynkyny art gallery is one of the most popular hangouts for some of the world’s most famous artists. They exhibit a variety of contemporary fine paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works, among other things. Even if you have no prior understanding of art, you will undoubtedly like this location.

  • St. Mark’s Cathedral

St. Mark’s Cathedral, which was founded in 1808 and is famed for its amazing colonial architecture, is a must-see in Venice. Some of the most gorgeous woodwork, elaborate carvings, and ceilings can be found here. One of the nights in Bangalore, take a break and appreciate this antique beauty. It will most likely be the ideal weekend vacation for you.

  • Bangalore’s JP

Bangalore’s JP is the city’s third-largest park. It is located in Yeshwanthpur and features four enormous and magnificent lakes, a 25-acre lawn, and more than 250 different types of flora. Visit this park and have a seat beside one of the lakes. Enjoy the glorious feeling of life when gazing at the sky.

  • Jamia Masjid

The Jamia Masjid, Bangalore’s largest mosque, is located in the city’s major market district. It is a five-story structure with magnificent interiors.  Perhaps an unusual nighttime experience in Bangalore, but certainly worth at least one visit.

  • river Arkavathy

Sangam is a piece of pure wonder located near the river Arkavathy. Plus, there’s more. It is even mythologically significant. While you can certainly indulge in adventurous activities such as hiking and mountain climbing at this site, you might also want to try taking a fast nighttime drive through this lovely region.

  • M Chinnaswamy Stadium

M Chinnaswamy Stadium is without a doubt one of the country’s top cricket venues. It’s been around for around 40 years. The majority of the IPL matches take held here. Enjoy your stay by going to M Chinnaswamy Stadium to watch a cricket match and get a feel for the city.

  • Grover Zampa vineyard

The Grover Zampa vineyard is spread out across 400 acres. Going on a night wine tour at this lush, grape winery is the greatest way to chase away the daily blues. Grover Zampa can help you learn more about this art form.


Therefore, Take a weekend off from your busy schedule if you live in Bangalore and trek to one of these mountains. It’s an excellent way to get away from the city while also getting some exercise. It’s also a popular way to bring together groups, whether they’re college students or office colleagues.

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