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Free! Everyone loves to hear this word when it comes to shopping, food, grooming or movies. Specially when someone gets his/her favorite thing for free they will enjoy it a lot. Same with the movies, everyone wants to watch the first day first show on theaters, or on OTT platforms, but spending money may not be the choice of everyone. So, what’s the solution to this. When people do not love to spend more money on movies but want to watch them they look for alternate sources. They try to find out a way to download their favorite movie, by keeping in mind the preference of users. We are here with a list of free movie sites that can give you a source of entertainment for free. So, you can say bye bye to the paid sites or paid OTT platforms and can try these websites.

But, some of the free sites may be ban in your country and these sites are provided the pirated content. So, its up to you whether you want to use these websites or simply want to use the paid sites.

Let’s discuss the free websites to stream movies:

  1. IMDb TV: We are sure that many of you already knew about this popular site and used IMDb. This site provides all categories of movies in all qualities.Not only movies you can find your favorite TV shows here for free.  This website runs a few ads on their website, so we recommend you to safely use the site and avoid any ad or notification. You have to first signup and create your account that provides you the features to personalize your interest here. You can also give a rating here.

  2. UWatchFree: You can’t miss out this website as it ranks on number one when it comes to free movie streaming sites. This is another popular site to stream movies, series and TV shows. The best part is their easy to access features, you can simply search for your favorite movie at UWatchFree website and can get the download link of downloading in just one click. But, they also run some ads or notifications, do not click on them. Clicking on any website or anything can cause viruses to your system.

  3. Popcornflix:On popcornflix there is a list of more than 1500. It provides new films free of cost in more than 60 countries. As this site runs in more than 60 countries you can get an idea about its popularity. Best part is, you don’t have to do R&D to find a movie, on this website every movie is available just free of cost. They run on all devices and support many platforms such as Apple, Android, Roku etc.

  4. Xumo: This website has more than 180 channels and offers movies of all categories in many languages. Just visit Xumo, create your free account and start streaming the new movies. They provide an option to download or watch as a guest in which you do not have to create an account. So, you can simply download a movie or series within just one click.

Bottom line

Above mentioned are a few free movie streaming sites where you can find all kind of movies within just one click. But, as mentioned above, few websites are pirated and provides content illegally, and banned by the government in many countries. So, better to use VPN while streaming such websites. Browse safely, do not click on any ads, or notification to secure your system or laptop from any viruses. Start streaming, do your own research, and watch the favorite movies. Why to wait more, start streaming and download your favorite movie.


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