Top 3 reasons why SMBs should pay attention to SD-WAN

If your company has multiple offices, employees at your branch locations probably connect to your corporate apps and data . Chances are also good that you’re struggling with multiple Internet service providers, numerous contracts, and so forth. For example, take network appliances like routers and firewalls for example. Your IT staff manages them but each branch location typically deals with their own equipment and service contracts . Does this sound familiar?

The IT environment for business with multiple physical locations can be equally as challenging to manage as any other type of network. The primary IT challenges that have to be overcome include the capital investment for networking equipment. With cloud-based services today, what kind of IT support does your organization need to evaluate these challenges, whether your organization wants to deliver applications from the headquarters, branch offices or on the web and beyond. Small businesses that don’t have much resources may not be able to afford internal IT specialists, but they hesitate to send someone to their network every time a problem arises. If disconnected, IT professionals can experience hours of inactivity when customers and employees in remote locations go to the office.

Importance of SD-WAN:

That’s where SD-WAN (SD) can help. An increasingly popular technology for enterprises and small businesses alike, SD has a lot going for it. It uses software to allow you to outsource your WAN traffic to multiple connection types – private, wireless, and broadband. With this cloud-based solution, SMBs have secured, cost-efficient WAN connectivity. That can support bandwidth-intensive applications as well as reduce the need to spend money on proprietary hardware and expensive network transport. Wouldn’t that be better? SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) can make it easy to securely access and manage cloud resources. SD-WAN allows businesses to transform a traditional physical network into a software-based virtual network. This makes it possible to use the public internet from anywhere in the world.

SD-WAN is becoming an important topic in the IT world. Businesses that use a lot of expensive MPLS lines are looking at virtualizing their WAN architecture to make savings on cost, have better visibility and have better performance by making use of SD-WAN implementations. As businesses are moving from legacy WANs that used expensive private lines and proprietary hardware to next-generation SD-WANs that use almost any type of low-cost Internet connection and can be easily managed from a central location using standard software applications.

Protect your associate offices without shattering your budget.

SD-WAN technology is helping to revolutionize how business leaders think about their networks. SD-WAN networks use software to intelligently route network traffic over a mix of low-cost Internet, MPLS, Ethernet, and WiFi connections. The end result is a more dynamic network and a more agile business. With SD-WAN, you’ll have secure, fast connectivity that facilitates the solutions your customers need, helping your employees work smarter. It also helps you forge closer ties with your partners.

Keep your company handling 24/7:

SD-WAN helps you maintain a network that is always available, 24/7. The network uses automatic routing to direct traffic based on the office location, time of day, service level measurements, system delays, or any other performance thresholds that your IT staff defines. So if your Toledo Internet connection goes down, no problem. The SD-WAN will reroute Internet traffic and VoIP phone service using the Internet or network connection of one of your other locations automatically, with zero downtime. In fact, your entire network will continue working perfectly as if nothing out of the ordinary ever happened in order to ensure that you always remain connected and unable to experience downtime for even a moment!

Customized performance:

We can be customize and configure SD-WAN  to include bandwidth usage, speed, and reliability. With this technology, you have the potential to immediately see improved use of cloud-based applications by routing the appropriate amount of that traffic through the most adequate connection available from the private network or public Internet connection at any given moment.


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