Top 3 Apps for Listing Doctors to Practice Online

With every passing day, the medicinal and healthcare industry keeps on changing. And this is precisely where mHealth apps come to aid, along with the listing of doctors for online consultation.

You must know that the ongoing pandemic has dramatically influenced the healthcare industry. So new treatment procedures and medications are also being introduced simultaneously.

On the other hand, COVID-19 implemented a lockdown, forcing people to stay indoors. For making medical facilities accessible, these alternatives have been initiated.

The mHealth apps have benefited the lives of ordinary people and doctors, and healthcare professionals. People can remain at their homes and avail themselves of doctor consultations online.

Check out the top three apps where doctors can register themselves and practice online consultation.

1.   Finserv Health App for Doctors

This app is instilled with many features and goes beyond any common practice management app for doctors. Doctors can sign up and register themselves, thereby establishing a digital clinic.

The Finserv Health App for Doctors hosts multiple unique features that make lives easier. The online consultation app can do it all, from generating repetitive online prescriptions to managing multi-mode consultations.

Doctors no longer need to manage all the administrative work and their medical practice. With this mHealth app by their side, the virtual receptionist will assist them in managing routine calls.

It is undoubtedly the best online consultation app for doctors in India because of the enhanced interface. Doctors can also store an extensive database of patient records and generate prescriptions with intelligent auto-suggest medicine tools.


  • Real-time accurate consultation with quick buttons for faster communication.
  • Quick access to patient history and records.
  • Seamless visibility of medical background, earlier visits and other vital information.
  • Enhanced teleconsulting experience with video conference, voice call or chat option.
  • Easy generation of electronic prescriptions and quick sharing option.
  • The refined management of appointment schedule and visibility status.
  • Advanced appointment and queue management through dashboard and management system.
  • Integrated and hassle-free appointment updates to patients.
  • Quick generation and sharing of medical appointment invoices.
  • Highly encrypted security for better management of medical databases.

2.   1mg

This mHealth application enablesdoctor registration for online consultation very effectively. It provides complete security for data management and keeps everything confidential.

It is home to the most certified doctors of India who offer first-class treatment procedures. The integrated features of this app are exquisitely designed to provide a user-friendly experience to both patients and doctors.

Consulting doctors is hassle-free as you no longer need to stand in long queues during rush hours. So the moment you feel sick or notice signs of serious ailments, you can seek medical attention instantly.

On the other hand, this mHealth app specialises in delivering medicine right at your doorstep. It is undoubtedly a cost-effective application that provides real-time and quick medical assistance and responds to urgent queries.


  • Online Consultation: Licensed and experienced healthcare professionals always provide real-time consultation to patients for free. If any patient wants to avail a second consultation or advice, they can easily do so.
  • E-Pharmacy: Healthcare products, drugs and medicines are available at highly affordable rates. Licensed pharmacies will deliver the required drugs directly to your home.
  • Lab Tests: Patients can avail various kinds of lab tests just by sitting at their home. You will receive your online medical report just within a day.

3.   Practo

Doctors can sign up and register themselves for providing free or paid consultations to their patients. Patients and doctors can communicate over chat and video calls and address their problems and solutions.


  • Round the clock multimode doctor consultation.
  • Order medicines online and get them delivered to your home.
  • Book requisite lab tests and other health checkups.

To Conclude

With the advancement of technology, various apps for patient management are rising in recent times. Doctors no longer need to travel places afar and continue their practice through online consultation.

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