Know About SDMC Property Tax

SDMC property tax

SDMC Property Tax: What is it?

SDMC stands for the South Delhi Municipal Corporation. The corporation offers all sorts of civic services and amenities to the local property owners. This includes facilities, such as drinking water supply, sewerage, infrastructure maintenance, etc. SDMC imposes a property tax on all real estate properties – both commercial and residential buildings – that come under its administrative limits.

The corporation has further segregated the South Delhi region into the following zones:

  • Headquarters
  • South Zone
  • Central Zone
  • West Zone
  • Najafgarh

The SDMC property tax differs based on a number of factors, like the area that the property covers, unit area value, ownership, usage, etc. 

What You Need to Know About SDMC Property Tax Rebates and Due Dates 

Know that for any financial year, 30th June is the last date of paying your property taxes. The civic body extends many rebates on the taxes for property owners. These include:

  • 10% rebate on the annual value of CGHS/DDA flats of 100 
  • 15% rebate for those paying early taxes, ideally during the 1st quarter of the financial year i.e. between January and March
  • A rebate of 20% to owners of group housing flats, who positively pay the taxes before due date i.e. 30th June
  • A rebate of 30% for senior citizens, women, physically challenged, and ex-servicemen
  • As per recent developments, an extra 5% rebate to residential property owners who have been successfully vaccinated

In addition to the abovementioned rebates, one can enjoy several exemptions on taxes depending on the type of property. These typically include:

  • Agricultural land and buildings excluding dwelling houses
  • Vacant buildings or lands used for some charitable purpose, or serving as a place of devotion, public burial, or heritage site
  • Properties owned by the family of a person martyred in Police or Paramilitary duty
  • Property owned by a Gallantry Awardee
  • Property owned by widows of personnel from the Indian Armed Forces, Delhi Police, and Paramilitary and is currently being used for self-residence
  • A person who has represented the country internationally and won awards for sports/games
  • Properties owned by a handicapped SDMC employee

Now that you are aware of what a property tax is, let’s understand how it is calculated. 

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How to Calculate SDMC Property Tax

Property tax is calculated based on a formula, which is as follows:

Property tax = Annual value of the property x Current rate of tax

Here, the annual property value for buildings is calculated as ‘total covered area x age factor x usage factor x construction factor x flat factor x occupancy factor x unit area value per’

Annual property value for vacant plots is ‘0.3 x area of vacant land x age factor x occupancy factor x unit area value per’

The current property rate is determined based on property category (ranging from Cat A to Cat H). The categories are assigned as per the property’s evaluation in different locations within its jurisdiction. The various rates are as follows:

Category Commercial Type Residential Type Industrial Type
A & B  20% 12% 15%
C, D & E 20% 11% 12%
F, G & H 20% 7% 10%

If parts of a building are used separately for different purposes, or if the building is constructed in stages, then the annual property value of each section will be computed separately. One can find all information regarding this on the official website of South Delhi Municipal Corporation. 

How to Pay SDMC Property Tax Online

To make your property tax payments online, you can simply follow these steps:

  • Visit the SDMC official website.
  • Login or register using an OTP and enter the required details in the application form.
  • Those who are already registered can check their property details by choosing the ‘Search Property on UPIC’ option.
  • In case you do not have your UPIC (Unique Property Identification Number), register with the option – ‘Apply for new UPIC’ -> ‘Register new property to pay tax’.
  • Once you submit the UPIC, you will see a list of properties with all details, including property ID, colony, ward, etc. Look for the one that you wish to pay taxes for.
  • Next, click on ‘Use this property to make tax payments’ against the chosen property.
  • Complete payment through net banking or debit/credit card.
  • Once the payment is done successfully, click on ‘Generate Challan’ and download the receipt for future reference.

Alternatively, you can choose to pay your SDMC property tax offline. However, in that case, be sure to keep all documents, such as your property ID, UPIC, ID proof (Aadhaar Card), and previous tax statements handy to get the procedure done smoothly. 

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