Exhaust Hoses for Industrial Applications

Casals Ventilation Fans

Casals Ventilation Fans manifolds are commonly use in many industrial applications. These tubes are available almost everywhere from the welding station to the engine test station, fire department and bus station. Let’s see what these tubes are. Some Common Uses High Quality Rubber Hose

Industrial Exhaust Pipe

Industrial ventilation ducts are use in many applications, including hot air. There are many types of exhaust pipes made of chemicals. And toxic materials such as PVC, neoprene, and polyester fumes. According to using Casals Ventilation Fans and their Pipes personnel and equipment are kept safe from exposure to hazardous gasses and smoke.

Specific applications for industrial exhaust ducts include:


The welding process often produces dangerous chemicals. This includes chromium and hexavalent manganese. This can cause serious health problems such as lung cancer and brain damage. Proper welding smoke ventilation with exhaust manifolds and exhaust pipes helps maintain operator safety in a weld environment. Due to the high temperature generate during the welding process. Therefore, the exhaust manifold is heat-resistant and provides long-term protection.

Car Exhaust

Automobile exhaust can build up in many factories, putting people at risk. Reliable exhaust manifolds without an exhaust system are often use in engine tests, garages and fire trucks.

Bus and Train Stations

Exhaust pipes are often use to block out toxic gasses in factories to protect employees and passengers at these locations.

High Quality Tubing for Exhaust Applications

Casals Ventilation Fans offer a wide range of high quality exhaust manifolds for nearly any environment, base on the needs of your application. Our pipes are available in a variety of materials. Includes fiberglass, tafone and aramid cloth. Using steel reinforcement and silicone, our Flex-Lok Flexible Exhaust Pipes are compatible with many applications that require adequate heat resistance and smoke reduction in confine spaces. Usually these channels are locate on the face.

Cloth Type for High Temperature Exhaust Pipe

High temperature hoses facilitate the transfer of smoke and hot air through a variety of industrial systems and equipment. Casals Ventilation Fans offer a wide variety of hot hoses. Flexible and wide temperature range made of many kinds of high quality building materials. It provides different levels of compatibility and flexibility. For a wide range of applications

Fabric tubes – Advantages and Features

This material is use in Flex-Lok TCF tubing and is suitable for draining many harsh chemicals. The outer part is hermetically seal, which effectively prevents smoke from escaping. It has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Coated Fabric

You can choose from a variety of fabrics for hot-coated fabric tubes. These tubes may contain silicone, fiberglass, or neoprene coat fabrics and are single or double coat. Where hoses are made of laminates, they are usually suitable for applications with temperatures up to 12,000 degrees. Our Flex-Lok hoses are available in a variety of coated fabrics.

Aramid Fabric Tube

Another type of fabric use in high temperature applications is aramid or aromatic synthetic fibers. These filaments are synthetic fibers and the molecules consist of solid polymer chains. The strong hydrogen bonds of aramid fibers allow for efficient mechanical stress transmission. This reduces the molecular weight of the polymer chain. As a result, aramid is strong and has excellent wear resistance. Minimal flammability with no organic solvent, electricity or melting point.

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Reliable Casals Ventilation manifolds work in almost any application that requires an optimal exhaust system for toxic chemicals, fumes and hot air. You can protect people and equipment constantly. Contact us now for more information about our products and when requesting a quote, we can help you find the right exhaust manifold for your system.

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