What is ERP software and how does it function?

ERP Software

Every enterprise has a different set of assets, resources, and employees that help them to drive revenue. The entrepreneurs need to keep an eye on all of them to increase the efficiency of their process. The business leaders already have a plate full of tasks, which they need to accomplish to ensure business growth. Additionally, enterprise resource planning (ERP) will help businesses to manage their assets, resources, and employees efficiently. But manual ERP processes can be tedious, time-consuming, and might have multiple flaws in the process. In this blog, let us look at two important aspects of enterprise resource planning. First, let us look at what is enterprise resource planning software? Second, let us have a look at how does the ERP software function?  

What is ERP software in India?  

The ERP software is the acronym for enterprise resource planning software. The ERP system in India is a set of digital tools that help entrepreneurs to simplify every aspect of their business. Furthermore, It is a one-stop solution for business owners to track the business process from start to end. Additionally, The ERP tools will be a beneficial asset for businesses of every size, type, and industry. As a result, The best cloud-based ERP software will help to centralize your business operations and digitize them to maximize the outputs.   

How does the ERP software function?  

Manage Accounts:  

Efficient accounts management should be the number one priority of entrepreneurs. The ERP software will help businesses to manage their accounts payable and receivable, employee taxes and payroll, and daily operational costs.  The accounting tools of ERP will help entrepreneurs to get an overview of all their financial history.   

Manage workforce:  

Efficient workforce management should be another top priority task on the entrepreneur’s list. Because the workforce is one of the biggest expenses that businesses have to incur and they drive revenue for your organization. Hence, the business owners need to keep a track of their employees in real-time to make the most of their organization. The best online ERP software solution in India will help to track employee attendance, inputs, leaves, and payroll.  Additionally, the human resource management tools will help you to track employee performance and make strategic changes based on data.  

Manage Procurement:  

Procurement is one of the most essential steps because it defines the quality of your finished product. The ERP software in India will give you an overview of the raw materials sourced and their quality of it. Moreover, the top ERP software in India will help businesses to get an overview of all the raw material vendors based on their pricing and quality.   

Manage Manufacturing:  

Manufacturing is an intricate process and keeping track manually will be a tedious task. The best ERP software in India will help businesses to track the manufacturing process in real-time to understand the efficiency. Therefore, The top ERP software will help to reduce mistakes and wastage in the manufacturing process.   

Manage Inventory:  

The best ERP system will help the enterprises to keep a track of their inventory to avoid loss. The right inventory management tools will help businesses to track the placement or movement of their assets and resources. Moreover, this tool will help businesses to understand the perishable items in the stock with the expiry date of the product.  

Manage Order:  

The ERP tools will help the business owners to track all the orders right from acquiring to delivery. Furthermore, the best ERP software will give you an overview of each order and its progress to understand the challenges in the delivery.   

Manage Warehouse:  

The business leaders need to manage their warehouse in real-time to understand the availability of the produced stock. Additionally, The ERP software in India will have all the tools that will help businesses to keep a track of their warehouse inventory.  Furthermore, This function of the ERP software will help to understand the placement, movement, and pilferage rate of the products.   

Manage supply chain:  

The supply chain is a tedious and intricate task that depends on various factors which they need to manage efficiently. The best ERP software will help to track the market and consumer trends to understand the demand. As a result, you can manufacture sufficient products to fulfill the customer demands.  

Manage customer relationships:  

Customer relationships are one of the crucial steps that businesses need to take care of effectively. The top ERP software in India will help you to manage the entire customer journey on a central server to get real-time updates.   

Manage Ecommerce:  

Ecommerce is the new normal and every business needs to embrace it in their process. The best ERP software in India will help to integrate the eCommerce platforms to increase their sales. Additionally, The top ERP solution will help to gather all the orders from all your eCommerce channels and centralize them on a single server for smooth processing.  


The enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is an essential tool for business owners to enhance their work process. Moreover, Technology Counter is a free software recommendation platform that helps enterprises to select the right ERP tools as per their needs and budget.

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