What size ladder do I need for a 2 story house?

Extension Ladder

Extension Ladder

The Extension Ladder is designed to be a portable ladder that can be adjusted in length and width so as to provide an adjustable platform for climbing. It offers several advantages over other ladders, such as its non-self-supporting design, which makes it easy to move around; the ability to adjust the height of the ladder according to your needs; and its wide variety of applications, including commercial buildings and homes.

Extension ladders are made from steel or aluminum, and have a square or rectangular cross-section. They are usually portable and are used for indoor use, although some models have folding legs to make them more compact. The ladder is usually made of three components: the main platform, the extension bars, and the connecting cable. The main platform is where you will be standing while using the ladder. It can be adjusted in length to accommodate different heights. The extension bars connect one side of the main platform to another so that you can step onto them and then place your feet onto the main platform.


Most extension ladders have an adjustable top section which allows you to adjust its height by moving it up or down. This allows you to reach higher places than a regular ladder can reach; however, it also makes it harder to climb on because you need more steps in order to get up there. Some extendable ladders only have one top section that is fixed at your desired height and allows you to adjust the length of the ladder.

There are also extension ladders that are made to be used on different surfaces such as wood and metal. In this case, an additional ladder is added to the base of the main one. These ladders have special extensions with attached rungs that allow you to remain secure while climbing and reach places that are hard for a regular ladder to do so. They also allow you to climb higher than regular ladders can reach, but they tend to be less stable and aren’t recommended for climbing on rough surfaces such as wood or metal.

What size ladder do I need for a 2 story house?

I am building a house and we are using an extension ladder. The ladder is for the second floor of the house. The first floor is about 20 feet above the ground. What size extension ladder do I need?

We are looking for an extension ladder that can reach from ground level to about 20 feet above the ground. We want to be able to climb up on top of our roof, which is about 25 feet from the ground, so we need something that can reach to that height, but also needs to be long enough to reach past our eaves and into our attic space, which is about 10-12 feet higher than our roof.

As you can see in this picture , we have a lot of eaves already blocking part of our attic space. This is why we decided on an extension ladder with a maximum length of 42′. We don’t know how high up in the roof we will be going, but we do know that it will be about 25 feet from the ground, which is why we chose a ladder with a maximum length of 42′.

We also wanted a ladder that could handle the weight of whatever we may be putting on it.


There are three types of ladders: the standard ladder, the climbing ladder, and the scaffolding ladder.

Standard ladder: A standard ladder is a fixed length, non-adjustable ladder. It can be used on any size job site and is the most common type of ladder.

Climbing ladder: A climbing ladder has two or more sections that can be connected to form an adjustable length or height. The sections can be removed and reconnected at will, allowing the user to climb up or down as needed. This type of ladder is recommended in situations where there are restrictions on height, size, or weight.

Scaffolding: Scaffolding is a temporary support structure that supports construction workers as they complete tasks by building scaffolds with platforms, ladders, and other hand tools.

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