Things You Should not Carry During An International Trip

Travel enthusiasts keep traveling to new places every year. It gives them energy, enjoyment and satisfaction. Frankly speaking I have talked to hundreds of traveler directly about how they manage their budget and mostly they said, “When it is your passion, money won’t be a real burden”. Yes, I’m talking about the national travelers. Actually they learn the systems of national trip and can complete their trip at a very low budget, says a luxury hotels owner. But, when it comes to international trip, they should keep several things in mind regarding what to carry and what not to. Here is brief description for you.


This is one of the most important things for any person with some chronic illness. Often we carry some emergency medicine to tackle sudden sickness during the trip and that is very good idea; you get few hours at hand to go to a doctor. However, there are medicines which the airport authority may not permit and sleeping pills and steroids and some others are there which may create such problem. So, if those are mandatory for you, take in right quantity as per your trip-duration and take the prescription along with you, suggests a hotels in Mauritius agent. Still you may be interrogated a bit more to make sure you haven’t an ill intention.


In most of the countries taking alcohol in train, metro-rail and even car isn’t allowed. Same is true when it comes to airplane. So, you never should carry alcohol just to take a few shots or they may stop you during the boarding pass. However, in some places they may allow you to carry a bottle of sealed champagne or so. So, it is better you contact your Mauritius hotels agency ordirectly call the concerned airlines to know if you can carry such things with you.


May be you have a licensed pistol for your personal safety; but it is strictly prohibited in an airplane. You cannot keep such firearm with you anyway, unless it is your personal chartered plane. Mostly people know this. But, do you know that you can’t even carry knife and such things? Yes, often people keep a knife in their bag to cut fruits and other personal purposes. But, you may not be allowed at to board the plane if you keep such things with you. They have strong scanner which scans through your luggage and they can ask you to unpack your bag if they find anything suspicious. So, it is better you avoid keeping such materials with you, suggests a luxury Mauritius hotels consultant.

Gold & Gadgets

There are countries where you can buy gold jewelry and gadgets like iPhone at very cheap rate. But, beware; airlines allow only a limited amount or often none to carry such things with you. They mostly allow a limited amount for personal purpose. But, if they suspect that it is being taken for business intention, they may seize it and you might be in total loss. So be careful.

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