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Tarsar Marsar is arguably the meet journey in India. This is a title we don’t give journeys smoothly. Especially when its redoubtable family journey, Kashmir Great Lakes, is in the picture.

Still, Tarsar Marsar is a journey where alpine lakes take on a life of their own. It isn’t just the fact that you get to camp beside these royal blue, snow-fed lakes (you don’t get this camping chance indeed at KGL). Or the isolated nature of these campgrounds (a Benefit in moment’s trekking script!).

You get to circumvent the entire border of Tarsar and Sundersar, offering you multiple perspectives of the veritably same lake!

Also, there’s the fugitive Marsar, nearly always hidden under a cloak of shadows. We see this lake from a protuberance, sitting 600 – 700 ft below. It’s a perfect spot to substantiate the majesty of the lake, with the sun rising right above it. This is until clumps of shadows glide their way through the U-shaped vale and settle above the lake. The lake disappears from view within seconds!

The Tarsar Marsar journey takes you right to the heart of Kashmir. From the antique vill of Aru to the clearings of Lidderwat. The setting of Tarsar Marsar is similar in that it leaves you visually stunned for weeks together!

Thus, on Tarsar Marsar Trek go deep into the heart of Kashmir and get completely different guests of Touring in India.

During the journey, get a chance to chamber beside the serene bluish alpine lakes. On the other hand, is Marsar which remains hidden under a distance of shadows. Witness its splendor from a protuberance lying below 600-700 bases. But, the lake can only be seen until the shadows are clear. So, clearly, Tarsar Marsar is the meet Lakes in India.

The trail hides in a thick mask of snow and green vale. The lush green timbers turn white making it a small wonderland! The Tarsar Marsar journey isn’t only for educated pedestrians but for amateurs and children too family, academy groups

The Astounding Campgrounds in Tarsar Marsar Trek

The first highlight of this journey is boarding beside snow-fed alpine lakes which is the most important and appropriate part of this journey. In addition, substantiate the changing colors of the lakes as the sun shines upon them. Don’t miss the spellbinding evening and daylight views over the Lake at Tarsar and Sundersar campgrounds.

Also, explore the amazing clearings lying after the thick coniferous timbers and spot many Gujjar hooches on the way.

Appropriate Time to Do Tarsar marsar Trek

Tarsar marsar journey is a veritably beautiful and moderate journey in the Kashmir vale, The Tarsar marsar Trek is great for those people who have a great passion for mountaineering. We’ve been doing this journey for a time, we’ve every experience related to this journey. The right time to do this journey is from 5th June to the last of September, especially in the months of June, green and colorful bugyal meadows, snow is planted in cornucopia then, which makes your journey veritably memorable

. During the day the temperature of tarsar marsar journey is around (05 °C to 15 °C and during the night the temperature comes down to 03 °C to 05 °C which isn’t bad.

You’ll noway consider yourself boring in tarsar marsar Trek, this journey can give you nothing but joy, You’ll get to see the culture and beauty of Kashmir vale in this journey which will always keep you connected towards the mountain.

Aru Base camp & Fantastic Champaigns in Tarsar Marsar Trek

Aru is the base camp of Tarsar Marsar journey, it’s a small idyllic vill girdled by lavish champaigns. The vill is notorious because of some lodges, poplar trees and a runlet flowing through this vill’s heart.

The Aru townies so happily welcome pedestrians that they surely come again to do another journey. The nature of Kashmir – meadows, gutters, aqueducts, catcalls, creatures, and flowers everything is attracting people to visit it. Really, Jammu and Kashmir vale is no lower than a paradise which is also known as Taj of India

.Before, Sundersar campground, pass through wide Jagmargi champaigns. Thus, get amazed by its pulchritude because the wide champaigns are girdled by mountains and a small runlet flows through the pristine vale blooming with the various flowers in unheroic, blue, and pink tones.

How Delicate is Tarsar marsar journey?

tarsar marsar journey isn’t veritably delicate and not easy either, this journey comes in a moderate position,

This journey is a bit moderate, but if your fitness is good and you have it in your mind that I want to journey also you can do it absolutely. Where help is demanded, our attendants will support you, you just have to be strong and able on the journey.

Tarsar marsar journey safe for me?

Yes, Tarsar marsar Trek is a safe journey if you’re going with a good trekking platoon which you must know before reserving yourself, It’s important for you to know that the bow touring association with which we’re going is right or not,

And if possible, journey with the original touring association, you can do the same help all the time. also, your journey can be veritably good and memorable

The minimum age needed to journey Tarsar marsar journey is 10 times and maximum 55 times. The rest depends on your fitness.

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