Some amazing wooden shoe rack designs for home

wooden shoe rack designs for home

Shoe storage is a common problem in all Indian houses. In India, shoes or footwear find their space in front of the main gate which doesn’t look pleasant to many. In order to create a more inviting and aesthetic look, you should invest in some wooden shoe rack designs for home. These shoes rack not only serve as a concealing piece of furniture but also gives your entrance a fresh look.  

You can also have a shoe rack in your bedroom which will allow your space to look neat and clutter-free. If you have the right storage systems in your home, you can make sure that your house is a neat and tidy place to live. In case you are looking for some well-planned wooden shoe rack designs for home, then here are some fuss-free solutions for you.

  1. A simple shoe stand

Often overlooked, if various pairs of shoes are lying here and there in the house, they make the entire space look messy. In such a case, you can go for a simple shoe stand that has shelves and racks to keep your shoes together. You can create a sense of neatness and organization through this stand. The main function of this stand is that it can be fitted in any nook or corner. Also, since it is an open stand you can easily see which pair you want to wear without wasting time.

  • A ladder-shaped shoe stand

You can go for a ladder that can be used to put your shoes together in a compact room. You can place this stand in the corner and use each step as a space for a pair of shoes. This is a great idea for keeping your daily wear shoes or room slippers.

  • Almirah-shaped shoe rack

This is a very common shoe rack design that looks like an almirah from the outside but has cabinets inside to keep your shoes. This rack ensures that nobody can see your shoes and the dust stays inside the rack which can be cleaned on regular basis.

  • A shoe rack that has a countertop for accessories

While a shoe rack on the floor stores all your footwear, you can use the surface to keep beautiful accessories. This is a good option for your home’s entrance if you wish to add a charming space to your entrance. On the surface above, you can keep a beautiful flower vase, some scented candles, or even a tall mirror to take a final look at your attire before walking out of your home.   

  • Recycle old objects to make a shoe rack

You can simply reuse or repurpose items around your house to avoid wastage or over-consumption. You shouldn’t discard cart boxes that you receive from groceries. These boxes can be put together to make a beautiful shoe rack. This is one of the great wooden shoe rack designs for home which also ensures sustainability. If these trash boxes are in a good condition, you can clean them, restore them, and repaint them to store objects around the house including your shoes. You can even paint these boxes in shades that match the color of your walls. The top of these boxes can be used to add accessories while the front can be used to put shoes.

Benefits and features of a shoe rack

Given below are some of the features and benefits of a shoe rack-

  • It is a perfect way to declutter your space.
  • You can go for a shoe cabinet with a seat so that you can get the convenience of sitting and wearing your shoes.
  • In modern times, you can pick up from a wide variety of shoe rack designs that offer both functionality and aesthetics.
  • These shoe racks act as cabinet storage furniture for your home. You can choose from a wide variety of wooden shoe rack designs for home.

Wrap Up Searching for good wooden shoe rack designs for home can be a challenging task. But you can look for various designs at offline or online stores and choose the one that matches the theme of your home. You can even go for a simple shoe rack for your office in case you have a small workspace.

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