How to draw a sitting cat with a pencil.

How to draw a sitting cat with a pencil.

How to draw a sitting cat with a pencil.

I am using this video and step-by-step drawing instructions on drawing a sitting cat with a pencil. Cat drawing lessons for beginners and kids.

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Step 1

For the first step in this cat drawing tutorial, you may want to draw a circle with a pencil. Using a drawing compass to remove a perfect ring can be helpful if you’re having trouble doing it independently.
This circle will serve as a guide for you as you begin to draw.
Once you have the circle, carefully draw the starting lines that make up the head of your cat’s drawing, using the reference image as a guide.
If you have trouble drawing, you can also use a pencil to do this part and then use a pen to rewrite this part when you are satisfied.

Step 2

Now that you have a cat drawing in mind, you can erase the pencil circle you created as a guide.
If you use a rewriting pen, make sure the ink is dry before erasing the pencil!

Step 3

We’ve completed the first part of your cat drawing, so we’ll cover the ears now.
For the right ear, draw a slightly curved, disconnected triangle below the remaining space around the head. Draw another triangle for the inner ear.
Next, draw a curved ear shape for the left ear as shown in the reference image and draw the inner ear.

Step 4

Your cat sketch is now complete; we’ll draw your cat’s first chest and legs.
Carefully draw a curved line to make the box, as shown in the reference image. Draw a straight line for the leg and make a curve for the foot.
Finally, you will need to draw another line above the foot to make the other side of the leg. This part can be complicated, so look at the reference photos carefully!
Fifth step
For the next step in this cat tutorial, you’ll need to add a squiggly line on top of your extended left paw.
You will then extend the right leg, which looks almost identical to the left leg, except that it extends from the right side up.

Step 6

You are now very close to completing your cat drawing, so you should draw a curved line down the neck for this next step.
This is another step where you have to follow the reference image closely as a guide.
Once you’re back off, you can add the hind legs shown in the photo. Don’t forget to include Monday’s split!

Step 7

In this next step, you can inhale to make a curved shape.
Once you inhale, the only thing left is to draw a curved line from the cat’s paw to form the cat’s paw. With this step, your cat drawing is almost complete!

Step 8

You’re almost done with your cat learning journey, but drawing your cat needs a face!
You can start by smelling the cat’s mouth with a big grin under it, as you can see in the reference photo.
You can then draw a striped line on the nose to indicate the face. You can then draw six lines to make the cat hiss.
Finally, we’ll add the eyes. The eyes in the reference image consist of a series of circles connected to some flagella.
You can draw it this way, or if you find it difficult, you can use two dots on each for a more straightforward but less beautiful look!

Step 9

The last step in learning how to draw a cat is one of the most fun, and it fills in the blanks!
We give an example of how you can color cats for the ultimate reference, but this is where you should let your creativity flow!

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