mandala tapestry


 Mandala Tapestry

Mandala  word means a circle. It is the most commonly used term in Hinduism as well as Buddhism, which represents a sense of wholeness on a spiritual level. In the present day people use this word to make any circular geometric pattern.

Mandala tapestry is a unique form of art where the mandala is made by printing on a fabric that can be used as a wall hanging, bed linen, sofa cover, yoga or meditation mat, beach cover, picnic blanket or ceiling cover. is done. It is most in trend among today’s youth. Indian Mandala Wall Tapestry brings beauty and pleasing touch to the home décor as well as attracts the power of positivity. Keeping it in your room gives a feeling of fulfillment and good vibes. That’s why the younger generation prefers to have Mandala Tapestry in their bedroom.

The Mandala Tapestry is considered the ideal symbol of introspection in hippie culture. People find this unique and beautiful art very helpful for concentration while meditating. It also helps to get rid of negative thoughts and make a more positive person in life. Just looking at a mandala will give you a feeling of relaxation as it helps you to release stress.


What is Manav Mandala ? Manav Mandala is nothing but a geometric pattern of human beings joined together as a network for affectionate intentions. Originally, created with the human body as a sacred geometric art of human mandala.

Now about to the printed mandala – The person who is making it can easily make his/her own printed mandala. Designing your own boards can be both novelty and healthy. Printed mandala can be used for decoration purposes like as a wall hanging painting which bears resemblance with human circular grid or human mandala.

 some similarities between Human Mandala and Printed Mandala :-


Here is the pre-contextual relationship between the human mandala and the printed mandala which is a symbol of beauty and which is also very attractive. In fact, the variation in size and pattern formations brings with them strong artistic value. This is the reason why many designs like Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry have found their way into homes. These days people buy Mandala Tapestries for the sole purpose of decorating and beautifying their home or office environment. For printed mandalas, different patterns are mixed together to come up with distinctive and attractive structures.

Many people have come to admire and accept the beauty that comes with this form of mandala. It is a simple fact and there is no doubt that human beings can always come together to form different patterns in the absence of any design tools. Keeping the above points in mind, it can be said that the artistic value attached to the human mandala is closely related to the beauty attached to the printed mandalas.


As mentioned earlier, mediation can be done through Manav Mandal and Printed Circle. Each circle has its own center. Hence mandala both human and printed designs are full of energetic and powerful technique where focus is the main objective. Thus, a circle of energy is created which we feel. For example, open your eyes and move them in a clockwise direction. This concentrates the energy. It is believed that the symbolic representation of the human and printed mandalas helps individuals to focus inward as it does not have any hard edges unlike any other geometric pattern. And so on, both facilitate meditation and are used as transformative tools to aid in healing.

But it would be wrong to say that it is only used to help ease the concerns of the people. If one chooses to design a mandala with color then it will tap into one’s creativity without the need for artistic expertise. Coloring exercises can be calming and nurturing. So it can be said that coloring mandalas is a great way to start using mandalas in our daily life. Some of these colorful mandala designs are used by people during meditation, especially during long hours. For.


Mandala itself means holy or sacred circle. Both human and printed mandalas show in the form of flowers, sun, moon etc. which are all around in nature. Tibetan Buddhist monks and other communities use mandalas as ways to develop spiritual energy. Also before natural selection in the decoration and fashion of mandala art, printed mandala designs were meant to be divinity. From time immemorial Hindus and Native American Indians tried to hold together the complexity and energy union of the universe in the form of mandalas. The various printed mandala designs are for the creation of holy places and are associated with spirituality only.



Human mandala and Printed mandala are a very powerful combination for practitioners and users both . Making designs through both mandalas is a type of therapy.  Actually, it can  color their fears away and  color their inner strength. In Fact they both suggest that the human patterns in a circle and coloring the mandalas  through practicing meditation. Mandalas can be designed by individuals to mark their journeys through life. It  also tells a story of where an individual has been.



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