How to Draw A Sad Cartoon Boy

sad cartoon boy 1

How to Draw A Sad Cartoon Boy. Draw a cute but sad cartoon boy using essential tips and a more challenging attitude. Life is not always fun, celebration and joy. Sometimes people are sad, angry, or alone. This lesson will show you how to portray a tragic character with a simple, easily created facial expression. You will also learn to use some immediate effects to create shadows and accents in the design to enhance that feeling further. Also, check our sad face drawings.

Here we Start to Draw A Sad Cartoon Boy

Step 1

Add Lines to Draw this Sad Cartoon Boy

This image consists entirely of straight and curved lines. Hair, face, eyes, nose, mouth, body, legs, arms, and shoes are all created with lines of sharp points. The head is lower, and the shoulder is almost at eye level.

sad cartoon boy

Step 2

Small Details to Create More Sadness

At the top of the head, you can draw hair with two (or more) lines. Another simple line is strategically added under the mouth. The character’s left eye is also filled with tears in the lower extremity. Another tear is visible over the character’s shirt.

Two trim lines are added behind the front leg near the knees. Eventually, a long consecutive string is drawn on the bottom of the shoes.

Step 3

Colors to Bring this Cute Design to Life

Now it’s time to add simple colors to the interior of this sad cartoon character. The man has golden hair, a blue shirt, and innocent pants. Both the students and the eyebrows are served with light brown. The shoes are orange. You may also notice that all the lines in this design are now full of color. Usually, a darker version of the color is used close to a line in the shape.

Step 4

Shades of Color to Complete this Part of the Lesson

Simple colors are beautiful, but working with shades is even better. Inside each shape in this image, add color shading, making the bottom darker and the top lighter. This specific information can count a lot of depth to a photo and is easy to apply. As you can see below, the man’s shirt is much darker underneath. The hair is much lighter on top. Once all the shapes are affected, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 5

Add Shadows to Add Depth to the Design

The gradations are beautiful, but nothing is more effective than drawing many shapes by hand. You can see all the additions in the image below (with purple borders). All these new forms are usually darker. Therefore, if you want to draw a shadow on a shirt, use a darker version of the color on this part of the body. Also, remember that all the shapes are slightly transparent to give this sad cartoon character more realism. Shadows that are too dark would create an unnecessary dramatic effect.

Step 6

Features to Complement this Image

sad cartoon boy 1

Now that we have designed darker shapes to create shadows let’s draw the lighter ones to create highlights. These unique features are usually put on the lid of the improved forms. Again, transparency is used to achieve a reliable and discreet result. These new shapes are added to the top of the head, the daughters, the prominent shoulder, the bottom of the shirt, the hand, near the knees, and above the shoes.

A cute but sad character is coming to life now! Below is the final image when all the shapes, lines, colors, shadows, and reflections are added. Do not hesitate to use all these tips to create more adorable cartoon characters like him.


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