Russian-made folding hunting knives


Folding and pocket knives

Due to its small size and lightweight, a folding knife is a constant companion of a man. A special clip for attaching to clothes will not allow them to fall out of your pocket during fast movement. When folded, the cutting part of the knife is completely closed and safe.

Being in nature, it is used for many purposes:

  • cutting vegetables, fruits, meat;
  • cutting and cooking fish;
  • mushroom hunting, etc.

The hand-assembled mechanism, consisting of a bearing and a steel washer, will never fail if this knife is not used to tighten screws or chop wood. Those who value a good blade keep it in a branded genuine leather sheath.

The handle, consisting of two titanium plates, is decorated with decorative inserts. More expensive than others are copies with carbon inlays. A slight movement of the finger activates the axial mechanism of the blue pocket knife with a soft flick.

Minimal maintenance is required to extend the life of your knife:

  1. Do not leave contaminated.
  2. Wipe dry after washing.
  3. The mechanism is sometimes lubricated with ” Nano protect ” or gun oil using an ordinary syringe.


A high-quality blade is made of durable steel, which maintains a balance between hardness and toughness. Such a tandem was created through long experiments and tests. The Damascus1 workshop uses only the most reliable steel grades:

  • BOHLER M390;
  • powder stainless steel S90V;
  • C125V;
  • instrumental BOHLER K340;
  • VANCRON 40;
  • Vanadis ;
  • ELMAX ;

Forged blanks of blades are hardened in vacuum furnaces at a certain temperature. This operation makes the knives durable, prevents the appearance of chips and nicks. The next step is sandblasting, which achieves the perfect smoothness of surfaces.

Experienced craftsmen process blades on milling and electromotive machines with software, achieving ideal parameters:

  • length – 110 mm;
  • width – 26 mm;
  • leads – 0.2 – 0.3 mm;
  • The hardness of hardened balls – 58 – 60;
  • weight – 135 gr.

A wedge and straight descents are made along with the butt. For the manufacture of knives, steel with a hardness of 61 units is most suitable.

How to choose a folding knife?

Blades delivered from China cannot be compared with the products of Russian manufacturers. Despite the low prices, products from the Middle Kingdom are made of raw steel, which is not very reliable. Chips, notches, and kinks quickly make the knife unusable and disappoint the buyer. Made “quickly” mechanisms very soon fail.

Our online store presents knives and blades of various shapes and purposes. There are copies in the catalog, the cost of which varies from 9,000 to 16,000 rubles. The price depends on the quality of the steel and the materials used. The blade, made of certified metal and processed using advanced technologies, will not let you down in a difficult situation and will become a faithful companion of a real man for many years to come.

Blacksmith workshop of Damascus1

The production workshops of the blacksmith workshop are located in a new two-story building, where all conditions are created for the productive work of specialists. Deliveries of high-quality metal from the CRUCIBLE and BOHUR UDDEHOLM factories have been established. All products are certified. For firing and hardening of metal blanks, workers use vacuum furnaces with program control.

By trial and error, Damascus1 achieved high results in the heat treatment of steel. The production has its service for checking the quality of products.

Knives made in the workshop have been presented at several international events. In 2018, at different times, 2 knife exhibitions were held in France, in the cities of Paris and Thiers. This is the best way to find new partners and customers interested in purchasing such products.

How to buy?

Our knives are bought for themselves, as well as – as a gift to relatives and friends. To choose a suitable copy, view the catalog of our online store. Here you can choose hunting knives of different types, including folding ones.

The parameters and technical characteristics of each product are indicated in the product card. To buy your favorite copy, you just need to click on the link

Methods of payment and delivery of goods are described on the corresponding page of the site. give a 100% guarantee of the quality of our goods, certified by a certificate sent with the knife. We undertake to return the money or exchange the model if we find the slightest discrepancy with the declared qualities or parameters.

We track the location of the goods throughout the entire route, we are responsible for its timely delivery to the hands of the customer.

Buy folding knives from Damascus1

And may good luck accompany you!

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