Red Kratom, Green Kratom And White Kratom – What Are The Differences?


If you are an enthusiast of natural remedies then you probably know already that there is a product called kratom that is being recommended in the natural healthcare space. Kratom is a tropical plant that is thought to have originated from South East Asia. Although, the product can be found in other places around the world nowadays, the tropical climate in South East Asia is the ideal growing condition for the plant. Here, the plants grown into large tree with very big leaves and succulent stems.

Kratom is characteristically categorized into three main types based on the color of its leaf veins. There is the red vein kratom, the green vein kratom, and the white vein kratom. Occasional, you might find other vendors talking about the yellow kratom. The yellow super vein kratom is essentially a product of the white vein kratom that has been subjected to a different drying technique. The color changes to yellow during the drying process hence the name.

The color differences are not based on strains. Instead, they are based on the age of the plant. Young plants that are immature tend to have white leaf veins. As the plants grow, the veins turn green. Eventually, as the plant matures, the veins turn red. Thus, the kratom products are named depending on the stage at which the plant products were harvested.

How does the kratom types vary in potency and efficacy?

The potency and efficacy of kratom products depend largely on the strain of the product with mild. The stage of development of the plant also contributes to the potency and efficacy. The white vein kratom is largely energy boosting with a significant analgesic property. Therefore, you can take this product in the morning as you start your day to keep you motivated and proceeding well with your daily activities. The white vein kratom should not be used in the evening or at night because it will interfere with your ability to fall asleep.

The red vein kratom, on the other hand, is comparatively strong. On its part, it does not boost your energy. instead, it is a potent sedative and can make you fall asleep quite fast. Many people have found perfect utility in when they buy red kratom capsules for sleep. However, the red kratom should be taken cautiously because the risk of side effects is higher with the red kratom. New users should take the red vein kratom carefully and in calculated dosages to minimize the risk of side effects.

The green vein kratom is considered as the moderate kratom type because it packs some of the effects of the red kratom and some of the effects of the white kratom. New users can buy green kratom capsules because it is the best starting point for anyone getting into kratom use for the first time. Using the green vein kratom somewhat cushions you from the risks associated with the highly potent sedative properties of red kratom as well as the potential super stimulating effects of the green kratom.

How to approach kratom dosing

Since kratom is not a certified product for any medical use by the American Food and Drug Administration, there are no standard dosing protocols that have been rolled out to help users of kratom. When you are just starting out with kratom, you should try the lowest dosages that you can get then watch how your body responds to the product. You can then increase the dosages depending on how you tolerate them.

Where to buy kratom

You can buy kratom from a certified herbal store or from online vendors who have listed their products online. Depending on the vendor and their relationship with their customers, you can get kratom capsules samples for free to help you determine the quality of the products before you make a purchase.


The various types of kratom differ in purpose and effects. Therefore, you should establish before-hand the reasons why you need kratom. This will help you make an appropriate decision on which kratom to buy, whether you it is the green kratom, the red kratom or the white kratom. check out more about kratom here 

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