Python vs JavaScript: Main Difference A Programmer Should Know

Python vs JavaScript

Programming languages are an essential part of computer science. There are many programming languages. Every new programmer are confuse about which one to choose. Python and JavaScript both are also programming languages. Both are the most popular languages. Several newbies confused about Python vs JavaScript. They are not aware of the difference between them. If you also confuse about Python vs JavaScript. Then, this blog is going to help you a lot.

In this blog, we will learn Python vs JavaScript. We will discuss the main difference between both. Let’s start with a little overview of both.

Python vs JavaScript: Overview

Python and JavaScript are both popular due to their functionality. They share many common characteristics, they are very distinct in many ways. Take a look at their overview;

What is Python?

Python is the most robust programming language of the twenty-first century. Also, it is becoming popular with each passing year. It is a high-level interactive programming language with dynamic semantics. It is simple to understand and use. Python includes several scripting language characteristics as well.

Uses of python are common in the development of online applications. Nobody beats Python as a dynamic language. As it supports a wide range of paradigms. It includes procedural programming, object-oriented programming, functional programming, and imperative programming.

Python has built-in packages and modules. It uses to conduct many types of programming. You can create both simple and complicated programming in Python with ease.

Uses of Python

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Quora
  • Dropbox
  • Yahoo!
  • Reddit
  • Instagram

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is also a high-level interactive programming language. JavaScript’s fundamental goal is to deliver dynamic functionality to web browsers. With the help of text, dates, and regular expressions, it provides the finest support to typical applications. In order to create dynamic web pages, JavaScript is important.

Most programmers used JavaScript to develop the front end when it was initially introduced. But, now it plays an important function in the back-end of online pages. It can also used as a full-stack development language. As a result, JavaScript is not just for online pages. It can also be used to create desktop applications.

Uses of JavaScript

  • Web development
  • Web Applications
  • Presentations
  • Server Applications
  • Web servers
  • Games
  • Smartwatch Applications

Python vs JavaScript: Main Difference

Following are the main points of difference between Python vs JavaScript.

Array, Lists, and Tuples

Python: For implementing arrays, Python offers a workaround feature.

JavaScript: In the form of inherent data types, JavaScript provides the best array support.

Attributes and Properties

Python: The descriptor protocol is a feature of the Python programming language. The use of the getter and setter functions allows for the definition of an attribute.

JavaScript: Objects in JavaScript contain properties that can be made up of built-in attributes. It allows you to specify a property.

Code Blocks

Python: Indentations are used to define code blocks in Python.

JavaScript: Curly brackets are used to define code blocks in JavaScript.

Format Of Encoding

Python: Python source code is ASCII by default unless an encoding option is provided.

JavaScript: JavaScript uses UTF-16 to encode. Additionally, the programming language has no built-in functionality for editing raw bytes.

Function Arguments

Python: When a method is defined with invalid parameters, Python throws an exception. It also allows a few other parameters to pass syntaxes.

JavaScript: JavaScript is indifferent to whether or not a function is called with the right parameters. This is because any missing arguments in JS are given an ‘undefined’ value by default. Furthermore, if there are any extra parameters, JavaScript will consider them as special arguments.

Hash Tables

Python: Hash tables, sometimes known as dictionaries, sets, etc, are inbuilt into the Python programming language.

JavaScript: Unlike Python, JavaScript does not have any built-in support for hash tables.

Modules And Libraries

Python: Python is recognized as a programming language with built-in batteries. It includes several modules. It also includes many libraries for data analytics, machine learning, and scientific computing.

JavaScript: JavaScript, has a smaller number of modules, such as date, JSON, and arithmetic. Additional JS functionality is provided by the host environment. It is often a web browser and something else such as an operating system.

Mobile development

Python: Python is not an excellent language for creating mobile apps.

JavaScript: JavaScript is a good option for mobile development in addition to front-end and back-end programming.

Numeric Types

Python: Numeric data types such as int, fixed-point decimal, and float are available in the Python programming language.

JavaScript: Only floating-point variables are available in JavaScript.


Python: Python programming is an excellent choice for data analytics, machine learning, and other math-intensive jobs.

JavaScript: JavaScript is a programming language that can be used to create a website or a native application.


To sum up, we have discussed Python vs JavaScript. And learned the main difference between them. We have also gone through the overview and uses of both. The above blog provides important information about Python vs JavaScript. It is enough for a beginner to understand both languages. So, in the end, I hope this blog helps you in your learning.

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