Preventions of Vape Tanks from Jamming and No Airflow

Cartridge Boxes

It is heartbreaking when you find your awesome vapes not performing well. This usually occurs when the tanks get contaminated with atmospheric pollutants or e-juice’s precipitates. Initially, we do not bother taking care of the cartridges in our vapes, but they are the important component present in the Cartridge Boxes.

We often open vape tanks to refill e-liquids. Regular changing of juices generates oily residues and the holes of cartridge gets clogged. It is due to the thickness of the flavors itself. These flavors contain oil and glycerin that jams the mouthpiece. So, when you try to inhale, you feel the smell of something is burning inside or it does not generate dense smoke.

Here, you have to apply some advantageous troubleshooting techniques to eliminate the wastes and residue present in the vape tanks. And, I am also going to brief some essential precautions, which will help you to avoid tanks jamming or airflow clogging. So, you will not disappoint from using these modern vaping technologies.

How Does Blockage Occurs?

Since we use various vape cartridge flavors, some e-juices like CBD oil are viscous and involve thick oils. These oils’ waste stick on the inner surface of the tanks’ holes near the mouthpiece. When we refill a tank, the previous residue gets mixed with the new flavors. Gradually, it becomes stronger with the passage of time when vaping is held in sessions. It jams the flow of air and you feel hard while vaping.

It effects the esophagus as well as throat. You can also read the warning instructions mentioned on their cartridge boxes or e-cigarette boxes for safety purposes.

Airflow is Disturbed: How to Overcome It?

When you find that the airflow is not getting right, make sure that the oil inside the tank is passing through easily. You can also look after the holes in the cartridge that they must be covered in a proper manner while you are pouring your favorite juices in it. Once you are done filling the cartridge, you have an option to manually set the ring around the tank. Ensure to slightly tight the ring to get a bit space to the holes. In this way, they can conveniently pass an e-liquid juice without letting the residues stick to its surface.

Furthermore, you can stop jamming or blockage inside the cartridge by vaping slightly. Otherwise, it is usual to occur leaking in the tanks or wastes in the airflow pass through.

Quick Troubleshooting

There are various troubleshooting methods to accomplish that can support in cleaning residues and airflow blockage issues. However, you can apply them through a quick guide found in the cartridge boxes, I have also shared a few ways for easiness.


Problem: Temperature can be one of the major issues of creating airflow problems or jamming vapes. Every cartridge flavor has their unique thickness and potential. When the temperature gets cold, you will notice that the oil cartridges are becoming denser than the usual and they affect stiffer to the inhalation.

On the other side, as the temperature of the climate gets hotter, it occurs increment in the humidity and tends to thinner like water the e-juice oils, which ultimately effects the holes of the airflow.

Solution: Since we cannot control the climate changes, but it is necessary to keep your juice bottles in a moist-free atmosphere and room temperature. You can also put your flavors in a refrigerator because cold temperature is comparatively better than the hotter one. High temperature intensely effect the cartridge oils and they may leak in the airflow holes.

Slightly Inhaling

Problem: Most of the vape cartridges get low in performance when we inhale them in rapid and tough manner. However, it is a great pleasure to exhale dense smoke, it also ultimately effects the airflow and starts blocking the holes.

Solution: As everybody needs to get dense smoke and a great satisfaction while vaping, it is better to take high-wattage, which do not require hard puffing. In addition, do not put your lungs on health risk by harshly inhaling your vapes. Because there are some cartridge flavors that do not allow dense smoke as per their potency. So, you can check their potential ingredients from their custom packaging boxes on the vape shops or other available stores.

What Precautions Should We Take?

It is required to take care of your vape tanks as they are the sensitive component of vapes. You should not reside your e-juice flavors in cold temperature, otherwise they get thick and create clogging in the tanks. Remember to check the vape brands because there are a lot of local companies out there who are selling fake products, which create clogging and jamming in the vape tanks, thus lower down the vape performance.

Verify the expiry dates written on the cartridge boxes as these boxes have all the details and dates mentioned. You can also avail these helpful custom packaging for small businesses from OBT Packaging.

Further, you can ensure which e-juice flavor you are using. CBD oil is one of the thick e-liquid flavors in the market. It often causes dilemmas to the vape users in vape cartridge clogging, jamming, and no airflow. So, avoid such flavors to get protected from health issues and a huge mess of fixing issues.

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