12 Ways to Enjoy Nightlife in Dubai

nightlife in Dubai

The shinner Dubai looks in the daytime, the more it shines in the night. Day in Dubai has the gold shine, and the nights are no less than diamond lush. You cannot point out a single enjoyable activity that you cannot enjoy here. From pub night tonight cruises and night shows, everything is available in nightlife in Dubai. Night exploration of Dubai is something one must have done during the Dubai visit.

But again, to enjoy the nightlife in Dubai, you must have some decent and best tour packages that offer you nightlife activities such as Roaming Routes. So, if you are also highly passionate about knocking out the best bars and night outs in Dubai, follow up any Roaming Routes’ Dubai Tour package and go through the following activities that you can enjoy.

Go Club-Hopping


Club hopping in Dubai


Clubbing is among Dubai’s most opted night activities that make your nightlife genuinely fabulous. Also, there are numerous nightclubs in Dubai but the scene of Friday night is just breathtaking. Some of the good options that you should always have in your mind include Barasti, The Lodge or Al Nasr Leisureland, Kasbar, Nasimi Beach, etc. You will find something unique in various clubs such as gaming nights, authenticity, swimming pools, etc.

Order Late-night Shawarma


Cook Baking Shawarma in Dubai night restro


Shawarma is truly loved, and the one ordered late at night adds up more exciting flavors. Your night in Dubai cannot be completed without a midnight Shawarma. You need to know the name of some of the most famous mid-night meat wrap serving restaurants, such as the Lebanese restaurants. If you are on a night drive, you can park your car near the sidewalk, order the Shawarma, and have it throughout your drive. Other best options for Shawarma are Aroos Damascus, Al Shami, Al Mallah, etc.

Drive Through the City by Night

The roads, street lights, and surrounding sidewalks are so well-managed in Dubai that you would love to take a night drive. Also, driving in Dubai is fun at night when the traffic is mostly minor. You can play the best music on the radio and enjoy the dazzling roads and the Dubai night. Before going on the night drive in Delhi, one must be clear about the routes that they are taking. Generally, Al Mamzar is a good one for the after-dinner strolls. Between the rides, you can also stop and enjoy hot and cold drinks.

Walk Along the Marina


Night walk at Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina is the waterfront accompanied by luxury yachts, speedboats, and boats. You can explore the European-style cafes, beautiful monuments, skyscrapers, clear water, and attract families and friends on the sideways. The crystal clear water and the chill wind gives you peace in your surroundings during the night. Hence, this is another option to enjoy your nightlife in Dubai.

Take a Puff of Sheesha at a Lounge

Night at Dubai is incomplete without the Sheesha Puff. You can enjoy many things along with the puff such as football games, board games, video games, parties, music, dance, etc. You can pick anything of your choice and accompany your night. Also, the other thing that you must try includes the variety of flavours of the sheesha or hookah. If you have brought people to your company, you can also share your hookah with them.

Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah is not only the most lavish resort but also the lavish building that has become famous for its building. Nights at restaurants like this are very luxurious, but if you try to find out the bookings during weekends, it may get hectic. So, try out your hard luck to go during weekdays, or you can also make a pre-booking. Thre is also a canal to explore at night. The overall estimated cost for this place at night is AED 130 to AED 180.

Boudoir – The French Connection

Boudoir is one of the premium nightclubs in Dubai, with some french smell. This club attracts the most Lebanese crowd with well-dressed and dedicated partying people. This place remains open from 10 pm to 3 am and costs just AED 340 for two people.


Catwalk is another night party place in Dubai where the thing that dominates is the dance floor. It has some very innovative drinks accompanied by friendly people at a very cheap cost. And here, you will get the most rocking songs and a perfect combo experience of Dubai nightlife. This place remains open from 9 pm to 3 am, and the cost of partying here is AED 350 for two people.

Stereo Arcade

Stereo Arcade is one of the most popular youth nights clubs in Dubai. At night the place is full of music, crowd, drinks, and dance. Although nights at this place are too crowded people are highly advised to enjoy the parties. The primary reason behind all these is that it hits a different vibe than all the other Dubai clubs and pubs. The opening time of the place remains 6 pm to 3 pm, and the cost is AED 400.

Bar 44 

Nightlife in Dubai is incomplete without Bar 44. This bar in Dubai gives you a fantastic view of the entire city and the Palm. Here you will get various malts, wines, champagnes, cocktails, etc. The night party at Bar 44 is the most attractive event that pulls the crowd towards it. The clubs open at 5.30 pm and close at 2.30 am whereas the per-person cost is AED 450.

Dhow Cruise

Dhow is a traditional boat od Dubai which was used by the traders and the fishers of Dubai in the past days. It is an integral part of their heritage which is still kept alive in the form of tourism. To enjoy the ride on the Dhow cruise, you need to visit Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. Dhow cruise ride is not less than a fairy tale that accompanies the views of the beautiful skyline. You can also enjoy the delicious Arabic cuisine at the Dhow cruise accompanied by live music and shows. The cost of the Dhow cruise will be around AED 160 for adults.

Full-Moon Yoga Session

Have you ever thought of doing Yoga in the nighttime and below the full moon? If not, you can try it for the first time in Dubai, where health-conscious people can practice the 90 minutes night Yoga session. An entire moon Yoga session is already a trend considered most effective and very refreshing for the mind and body. Also, in Dubai, it is conducted on the beachside and is accompanied by a vast crowd. So, you have to pay AED 120 to 200 to become a part of this yoga session.

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Therefore, this was the list of significant activities you could enjoy on the nights in Dubai. These nightlife activities should be part of every night spent in Dubai. And Roaming Routes helps the visitors thoroughly enjoy the Dubai nightlife with the best options and at an affordable rate. The best thing about the Roaming Routes Dubai tour package is that it can be customized as per the visitor’s wish. So, do not get your bookings occupied and have your bookings done today.

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