Makeup Hacks For A Slay Day

Makeup Hacks For A Slay Day

Applying makeup has no strict guidelines- the art of beautifying the face is entirely up to you. You are the artist who can play with the palettes and use different hacks to create slaying looks. It is all about practice, techniques, and hacks. Whether using a concealer as an eye primer or lipstick as a blush, small makeup hacks make the application better and easier, even for newbies.

In this article, we have shared 12 easy makeup hacks so that you can slay all day!

12 Easy Makeup Hacks 

Hack 1. The Triangle Concealer

Applying concealer in dots is perhaps the most popular way of application. Let us change that by doing an upside-down triangle under the eyes instead. This hack works to brighten the dark circles and cover up other under-eye flaws. It also accentuates other features like the centre of your cheeks. Ensure you are using a lightweight concealer with a creamy texture like Lotus Makeup ECOSTAY Insta Hide Crème Concealer for a dewy finish.

Hack 2. Fuller Lashes with Powder

Lightly dusting the lashes with translucent powder is the secret to thicker and fuller lashes. Apply the first coat of mascara and gently dust the lashes with loose powder to give them more volume. Then, apply a second coat of mascara to cover the powder and further enhance the lashes.

Hack 3. Remoisturise Clumpy Mascara 

Clumpy mascara? No worries. Add a few drops of your eye drops or contact lens solution to the brush and swirl it inside the tube. This will add moisture to the formula, making the mascara easier to apply. Do not pull the wand back and forth to avoid air getting inside and drying the mascara.

Hack 4. Eyeshadow for Eyeliner

Don’t confine yourself to limited eyeliner shades when you can create your own! Take your gel eyeliner and spray makeup fixer on its tip. Now dab this brush on the shade you want from your eyeshadow palette. Line the eyes as you would with eyeliner.

Hack 5. Make your Eyeshadow Stay Longer

Dab your eyeshadow brush into any eyeshadow of your choice. Mist the brush a few times with a makeup fixer before applying. This will help the eyeshadow stay for a longer period. 

Hack 6. Dark Line Only the Upper Water Line

Unless it is a smoky look, dark lining on both the lash lines can make the eyes look smaller. Leave the lower waterline free of dark lining to make the eyes appear bigger. Limit the top and outer corners of the eyes to lift and accentuate the facial features. Use a black intense liner like Lotus Makeup Color Kick Insta-Shine Eye Liner – Intense Black to create different eyeliner looks. This liner is smudge-proof, water-proof, stays for up to 8 hours, and does not rip off, crack or peel, making it perfect for your slay day.

Hack 7. Whiteline the Waterline

Apply white eyeliner or a few shades lighter than the natural skin tone to the bottom waterline to make the eyes appear brighter and wider. 

Hack 8. Warm the Eyelash Curler 

The hack is to warm your lash curler by blowing it with a hairdryer. This warmth will help curl and hold lashes for longer. Additionally, pressing the eyelash curler just once may not give you much longer and fuller lashes. Press a couple of times to get a fluttery, natural-looking curl.

Hack 9. Keep the Unruly Brows In Place

The brows do not have to look out of place just because you have run out of brow gel. Set the brows with a small amount of hairspray (or even hair gel) and frame it with a spoolie brush! 

Hack 10. Highlight Cupid’s Bow

Highlighters bring the best features of a face forward by accentuating them. By using the same technique, you can make cupid’s bow appear fuller. First, apply lipstick, then dab some highlighter on the cupid’s bow for instant fuller lips.

Hack 11. Make Appearance of Fuller Lips with Lip Liner

Aside from lining the lips and confining the lipstick, drawing the lip liner over the natural lines of your lips can also make the lip pout appear larger. Use a nude lip liner colour like Lotus Makeup Ecostay Crème Lip Definer- Just Nude for a natural look.

Hack 12. Long-lasting Lipstick 

The sure-shot way of making your lipstick stay for longer is by investing in a long-lasting lipstick like Lotus Makeup Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Color. It provides complete coverage with a single swipe and stays long without any smudge. A simple hack to make lipstick stay even longer is placing tissue paper over your lips and dusting some translucent powder.

Makeup can be so easy! Use these hacks and slay all day long.

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