How Do You Set Keyphrase Length in 2022?

Keyphrase Length

The phrase that is posted on page for having good search engines results is termed a keyphrase. It can be a single word, or more than one word. The purpose of a keyphrase is to optimise the content, as well as pages. Most of the writers take keywords and keyphrase as the same thing. But both of them are different. The purpose of keyword and keyphrase is somehow same. But they cannot be considered similar. This is because the main difference between the keywords, and keyphrases is that of keyphrase length. The keyword always has one word. Whereas a keyphrase is based on more than one word.

The purpose of a keyword is to describe the content. Whereas keyphrases describe the content with purpose. For example, your website is all about cats. But the written content is about a kitten. Here your keyword would be ‘kitten’. In the same way, the purpose of your content is how you can make your cat loyal. Here the keyphrase would be ‘cat loyalty training’.

Importance of Keyphrase Length

The length of a keyphrase matters a lot for SEO. This is because it has contributed to increasing the traffic rate at your website. By using a keyphrase, you make the conversation more valuable. If your content has a keyword, its search engine will show many results. But when you ensure the right keyphrase, it reduces the search results on Google. Yet these fewer results will be more valuable, and will exactly match the content too. Now a thing to understand is that the right keyphrase length will assist in getting the best results. So you shouldn’t make it too short, otherwise, it’ll become a keyword. Also, you should refrain from making it so long that it becomes hard to optimise.

For example, most people search for ‘food’. The search results for food will be many on Google. The searcher can also get irrelevant content when he searches like this. But when he specify its ideal length, he will get the desired results. Like ‘food for diabetes patients’. Here you will get limited results related to diabetes patients and their food. Similarly, if you make it ‘food for diabetes patient and their diet’, it will become hard to rank high.

Assessment of Keyphrase Length

There are different assessment checks for keyphrase length. One of them is that of Yoast SEO. By using Yoast SEO, you can see if the length is optimum or not. And if the length is too long, you can see which word comes under extra category. Writing experts don’t even need Yoast SEO most of the time. Their experience alone helps them in coming up with the right length. But if you don’t have this expertise, you can go for alternates like Yoast SEO. So let’s understand what Yoast SEO is.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a plugin that ensures the SEO standards for your website. It has different tools for performing this function. These tools work on your content, and then make it optimised. Using this plugin can secure a high ranking with fewer efforts too. The latest version of Yoast SEO makes your content really worth it. This plugin is also user friendly. The factor of accessibility is another plus point of this plugin. It helps you in SEO proofreading and fixing all the issues. And the best thing about this plugin is that it assists in ensuring the right keyphrase length as well.

Keyphrase Length Queries

You might’ve noticed that if searchers use long terms in search engine, Google shows relevant results. It highlights the words that match exactly. Irrespective of the same order of sentences, Google shows associated results. For example, you search for ‘pandemic and its effect on urban mobility pattern’. In this case, Google will show results that may not have the same order of words. One of the results on Google is ‘Impacts of COVID-19 on Mobility’. You can see that the meaning of both sentences is same. In the same way, Yoast SEO mimics Google. Yoast SEO plugins manage to separate each word of your keyphrase. And then they uses each word in the aspect of different assessments.

Keyphrase Density Check

In this check, it analyses if the words have some match with each other, or not. It does not find the exact word, but manages to collect words with the same meaning, and flow. For all the contents having natural flow of writing, it is somehow hard not to ensure variation from the designed order of words. In short, keyphrase density check confirms the availability of righteous synonyms.

Language Check

In the same way, second check is for language. In this check, content words, and functional words are assessed. This check filters out the functional words from keyphrases while keeping the content words. From the content words, it filters less meaningful words, and supports the important ones. Here Yoast SEO plugin again checks the most relevant words of a keyphrase. For this, you have to use premium version of the Yoast SEO plugin.

Adding the Keyphrase in WordPress

Here are the steps that you need to follow for adding the keyphrases in WordPress. These steps vary from plugin to plugin. For each plugin, you may have to go for different steps. Here the selected plugin is that of Yoast SEO.

  1. First of all, you’re supposed to login into WordPress.
  2. In the second step, you have to be very conscious about using different options. In case of Yoast SEO, you have to go for the choice of ‘SEO analyses’. This function leads you towards the setting of a keyphrase.
  3. Finalise the page, or post that is supposed to be optimised. In this step, you need to locate the page, or required post. Then you have to edit that page, or post.
  4. Now click on the section of SEO plugin. It may also be labelled as Yoast SEO.
  5. In the section of SEO plugin, you’ll find ‘Focus keyphrase.’ Here you need to add the selected words.

Finally, you will be able to see the assessment of your keyphrase. And you can consider the suggested list of those keyphrases here as well. In case you don’t end up with the right evaluation of keyphrase length, you have to repeat the above-mentioned steps. Because there might’ve been some mistake at your end. Carefully repeat the steps, and you will get the right results for sure.

Writer’s Suggestion:

Raina is a writer at a dissertation writing service UK. She suggests that if you’re working on keyphrase length for the first time, you should not try this on essential pages. Yet you should not try it on the most visited pages, or posts. The policies related to SEO keep on changing with the progression of time. So you should always keep an eye on each and every latest policy. This will help you in ensuring a high ranking on Google.

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