Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Web Design And SEO.

Web design and SEO marketing

Web design and SEO marketing, not everything is the content!

I hope you do not believe that SEO Marketing is an isolated aspect of web design. As with marketing, SEO has a lot to do with the design of your website since the techniques that will be used for optimization depend on this.

Google is increasingly demanding on the subject of SEO 

Optimization has its algorithms on the witch hunt to discover which web pages have slow loading speeds, something closely related to web design, duplicate content, or thin content, also significantly associated with the design and programming of the web.

If we want to fall in love with Google, and other search engines, we must combine web design with SEO strategies and quality content.

You also have to combine web design with SEO strategies and quality content. Yes, it is a formula of three dependent variables, one on the other.

How to understand web design when doing SEO? Too easy; For example, you have a company that sells multiple products, such as women’s, children’s, and men’s shoes. You cannot show all the products on the same page, much less create a page for each shoe. It is best to organize them by category and make brief descriptions. Although this seems like an SEO strategy to display content, it is also an excellent way to make a more functional, navigable web design that provides a pleasant user experience. Yes, all of this relates to the creation of the web. And you will also be giving extra details to your audience about the type of shoe and not just limiting yourself to characteristics.

The ability to index pages in search engines is another aspect of SEO closely related to the functionality of the web design you have for your business.

When we connect the dots, we realize that never, but never, a marketing campaign can work if the web design is not in line with the strategies implemented and if important work is not done at the SEO level.

All your content should be the key to knowing if these three elements work in the same direction. And you will know it only if you can load new content quickly if it is indexed in the search engines correctly, if they are optimized and if the user can find and enjoy them without problems. In conclusion, your page will be a magnet to attract potential customers, and your conversions will increase systematically.

If this does not happen, you have to review web design elements and redesign them for SEO and digital marketing.

Before closing this point, I want you to keep in mind that you can create content in many ways. Still, you should always consider if it affects the loading speed. If so, you will make the typical mistake of many who saturate their website with images and videos that take a long time to load and detract from the user experience. In this case, the content, far from helping you, will plunge you into the abyss.

Conversion ratio increase

  • Optimizing the conversion rate consists of executing actions on the website with the sole purpose of converting people from a simple visit to your website to a customer of your company.
  • It implies that users complete the process ( conversion funnel ) and perform the action you expect, whether buying a product, subscribing to emails, or hiring a service.
  • This type of optimization begins with a suitable web design so that the user has a good experience on your web page, commits himself, feels comfortable with what he gets on the web, and is willing to buy.
  • Good persuasion is key to accomplishing this, but applying marketing to create perfect calls to action (CTAs) will do you no good if your web design seems to be going a different way.
  • People want to engage with web pages and represent authority in their niche.
  • Defining a brand identity and permeating it throughout the web design is vital to improving the conversion rate.

As you leave behind the fantasies of having a super web, beautiful and that looks like a carousel, how dynamic and colorful it is, you will understand that your metrics can improve if you bet on the simple but functional. Nobody wants a beautiful website to show it off but to be embarrassed every time the user tries to navigate it.

It offers quality products through a website whose design is not the product of chance and is committed to a marketing campaign that focuses on conversions. If you do it right, the results will not only be more sales but a better online presence for your brand, a better relationship with search engines, and a pretty good ROI (return on investment).

Improving the conversion rate is possible quickly if you have understood that marketing and web design must go hand in hand. They are an inseparable couple when it comes to making your brand shine and making your page conquer the top of Google.

Influence of web design on statistics

Although many do not like anything that has to do with statistics, these are necessary to guarantee the success of an online business. Those working with marketing and web design, SEO, and content marketing for years greatly value the contributions that analytics leave us. We turn this data into powerful weapons to achieve the commercial objectives.

What does web design have to do with statistics? Everything! Analysis tools such as Google Analytics need to find the website compatible to extract data from it, so these tools must be adapted to the various websites that exist.

Once Google Analytics can analyze the web design, this data will be the compass that will guide your marketing actions to improve those aspects that do not work on your page.

With this information, you can do tests to determine what is best for you and what is not, what type of CTA is most effective for you, what kind of content gets more traffic, with what type of information people feel more comfortable and leave more comments, where they are. Users leave the conversion funnel, etc.

Statistics reveal the impact of your SEO techniques, but it is also a fantastic meter to discover if web design is adequate and functional at the marketing level.

Monitoring the changes you are making on your website, through A / B tests, of each element you are incorporating can help understand the user’s search intention and improve their experience.

I’m trying to tell you that it doesn’t make sense how much effort you can put into designing your website and how promising your marketing campaign might look if you can’t keep track of the actions you take.

There will never be a perfect web page. Still, you always have to be making improvements and tests on it, so by constantly monitoring it and knowing how to read the statistics, you will be one step ahead to implement new methods and new ideas, and thus be a benchmark in search engines.

Winning Combination of Web Design and Digital Marketing

Web design should also be seen as a marketing strategy, as it can help you promote your services and products effectively and make you get many conversions and sales. You will always need a clever marketing campaign, and that is why in our company, we do not take false steps when designing or redesigning a website.

What does this mean? We will never be able to create a website just for the sake of it, to make the client’s ideas come true, even when they do not contribute anything positive to the brand’s goals. This would be unethical!

We are committed to guiding our clients to visualize an aesthetically pleasing website. Still, functional one becomes a diamond in the rough where multiple SEO techniques can be applied that help them position themselves. And at the same time, they serve as a launchpad for any marketing campaign, be it in the marketing of influence, content marketing, or digital marketing, in every sense of the word.

You must determine if the elements you want to incorporate on your website are helpful for users and will push them to complete the conversion funnel or if they are just whims. 

Define your strategy before web design

All the tips that I have left you aim to understand the role of web design in your company’s success. But after you have a fabulous web design, you need to move on to marketing to complete the perfect business strategy. How to choose an ideal marketing plan? You can only answer this question if you know your goals. To do this, naturally, define your goals.

  • What do you want to achieve in the short term? 
  • Do you want to improve your conversion rate? 
  • Generate more traffic? 
  • Improve your brand’s online presence? 
  • Gain authority in your niche? 
  • What do you need? 

Make a list of your priorities for your business and work towards this.

Web design and marketing will be effective only as you carry out actions to improve aspects that lead to a better user experience and conquer search engines, and of course, as long as you follow up on those actions.

If the first time you don’t get a good relationship between marketing and web design, don’t give up! Lasting marriages never fit right out of the box. Be patient and improve what you have to improve; There are no perfect web pages, and to get one that works, you will have to invest time, do tests, and know your target audience very well.

In addition, it will not be enough to invest a lot of money in a spectacular website and a powerful marketing campaign. Still, you can make a difference by innovating content and giving the public what they expect.

If you don’t know your audience’s needs, do your research, get to know your potential customers, and create a campaign that focuses on engaging them through exciting topics. As you delve into your audience, you will know if your brand values ​​are going in the right direction and if the web design you have chosen will meet the expectations of your audience.

Do you want a unique website? This is possible! If you follow my advice, you can compromise the web design of your business with the marketing you implement.

You do not need Harry Potter skills to get a website that meets your brand’s objectives; you have to make it happen and see your website as a whole.

Those who perceive marketing and web design as lone rangers who have nothing to do with each other soon suffer the consequences of their failure. 

If you have been trying for a long time and are not getting good results, perhaps you have not developed the perfect design to show yourself to the world. I urge you to redesign, rethink and go back to betting on marketing by following the tips and strategies I have shown you here. If you dare not do it alone, let us today lend a helping hand and direct your business to the top of the search engines. We’ll be waiting for you!

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