Conroe Independent School District

Conroe ISD is one of Texas’s fastest-growing districts, boasting 65 campuses spread out across 348 square miles.

As the district continues its rapid expansion, new challenges have presented themselves, including low enrollment that prevents it from receiving its full state allotment. Rather than turn away from these difficulties, management is confronting this situation head on and welcoming change with open arms.


Conroe ISD takes great pride in their academic programs. Students at Conroe ISD are known for being exceptionally well prepared for state tests and advanced academic programs such as Bilingual/ESL Program or GT/Advanced Academic Program exams.

Conroe ISD SSO offers numerous programs that enable students to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously – commonly referred to as dual credit courses. Their course curriculum appears on high school transcripts while college learning outcomes appear separately on Lone Star College transcripts.

The district invests a great deal of money in technology for schools, teachers and students alike. They provide educational software, wireless laptops and tablets, technological resources as well as commitments to teachers with certification needs for shortage areas – providing tuition scholarships that cover tuition books fees & more! In addition, group ability tests like OLSAT CogAT NNAT are offered by them as well.


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Due to extreme heat conditions, athletic events and practices may be cancelled; please check back here for updates. Conroe ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion age or disability when providing educational programs and activities or employment services or making decisions related to them; for more information see their Equal Opportunity Policy.

Fine Arts

As the district continues to receive national accolades for music education, CISD Fine Arts Coordinator Robert Horton attributes their success to hard work from students, teachers and administration alike. Robert is thrilled that they now boast such a successful program within CISD Fine Arts programs as he looks ahead with excitement at their future growth and evolution.

Grand Oaks High School senior Jasmin Lardeau created an adorable paper pup from magazine clippings as one of over 1,000 two and three-dimensional art pieces submitted for the 2022 CISD Art Show, chosen by a committee of art teachers for framing over summer by Picture Worth Custom Framing.

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Conroe ISD is proud to be an equal opportunity educational provider and employer, taking no discriminatory stance when providing programs or activities pertaining to race, color, national origin, sex gender religion age disability veteran status or veteran status. Furthermore, hiring practices nor enforcement of policies and procedures do not discriminate on this basis either.

Conroe ISD schools saw 22 schools achieve TEA STAAR scaled scores between 90 and 100 in 2018, eleven campuses earned 80 to 89 scores on their exam, and seventeen scored 60 or lower. View detailed academic performance, enrollment numbers, teacher staffing numbers and other details for selected schools here.

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