What are the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

What are the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

MBBS i.e. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is a very well recognised course and is a course of undergraduates. The MBBS course duration is of 5.5 years that includes 4.5 years of academic education and 1 year of compulsory internship. MBBS is considered one of the most popular degrees that students want to pursue. For make their career in the medical field. Besides being the Most popular course it also offers you with great scope. MBBS is a great choice if you want to make your career in the medical field.

Many students even opt for doing MBBS in abroad. There are many countries offering MBBS courses like China, Russia, USA, Kazakhstan, Belarus, etc. If you are planning to do MBBS in Belarus. So, you are at the right place here in this article you will get to know about the Benefits of Studying MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students. Knowing the complete information before taking admission is very important.

MBBS in Belarus – Belarus is the best option available for Indian students for opting MBBS. For Indian students, while thinking of taking admission in MBBS abroad, Belarus should be the top priority. The degree received by studying medicine in Belarus is globally recognised. Students through out the world choose to do MBBS in Belarus. Because of the good quality of education and the availability of High tech machines.

So, if you are planning to take admission in MBBS abroad, you must think of Belarus. Let us know about the benefits of taking admission in Belarus as before taking admission. It is very necessary for you to know complete details like. What are the benefits of taking admission in MBBS Belarus, etc

Benefits of Studying MBBS in Belarus for Indian Students

Affordable Cost of Education

The universities / colleges in Belarus offer you with a very affordable cost of education. The cost of doing MBBS in Belarus is very less when compared to other countries like India. Where the fees of studying MBBS from most of the private colleges is very high and also they have to give lakhs and lakhs of donations for getting their seat reserved. So, if you want to do MBBS at a affordable cost then MBBS in Belarus is a good option you can go for.

Good Quality of Education

Belarus offers you a very good quality of education with international standards. And the medium of instruction in medical Universities/ colleges is English. So, it will be convenient and easy for you to understand being an international student there and need not worry about the course being in another language.

Well facilitated Universities

The universities/colleges in Belarus are very well facilitated with very good infrastructure. All the modern equipment which provides the students with exposure to the latest technology which will be useful for them in the field of medicine.

Global recognition

Belarus has universities which are top ranked through out the world and are being recognised by the organisations like WHO, MCI, etc. And the MBBS degrees from the universities of Belarus are world widely recognised.

No Extra fee or Donation required

This is the best Benefit of studying MBBS in Belarus keeping the financial aspects into consideration. Unlike other countries like India where students have to pay lakhs and lakhs of donations for reserving their seat in a medical college. Other than the normal fee, the universities in Belarus offer you with a benefit of taking admission in any University there without Extra fee or Donation required.

Hospitals with Modern technology

Belarus not only consists of best Universities/colleges but also offers you with very well facilitated Hospitals with modern technologies. Where students can go for doing their clinical Practises and internships. Which will provide them with good medical experiences that will be helpful to them at the time of their medical practices.

Good Accommodation Facilities

Being an International student it is very important to not only have a good University or College but also good accommodation Facilities. Belarus offers you with very good and reasonable accommodation Facilities so it will be easier for you to live there.

Proper food facilities available

For taking admission in MBBS Belarus you need not to worry about the food facilities as in the Belarusian State Medical University Belarus. Food is cooked in very hygienic conditions and the best part is that Indian food is also very easily available. So, you won’t face any problem in the case of food facilities. You will be offered with the all the necessary things one requires for their survival.

Easy Admission Procedure

Taking admission in MBBS Belarus is very easy and fair. You must be 17 or above 17 and completed your class 12 th from a science field and passing marks in the Neet and you are good to go for taking admission in MBBS Belarus.

So, these were the benefits of studying MBBS in Belarus. Hope this information has helped you to decide whether to take admission in MBBS Belarus or not.


Study MBBS in Belarus is one of the best options available for Indian students as many of the Medical Colleges in Belarus are MCI approved. The cost of education is also very low compared to most of the universities in India, USA, etc . Belarus is considered to be a very Ideal place for the students who are aspiring to opt for MBBS and want to make their career in the medical field. To take admission in MBBS abroad one should be aware about the best MBBS Abroad Educational Consultants in India.

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