How to find Abortion consulting center in Dubai 2022?

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Eva Titman from the Get abortion pills in Dubai Ingolstadt counseling center in conversation with DK. Ingolstadt (DK) A woman who wants to have an abortion is face with a mountain of problems. At the counseling centers, she not only receives the require certificate for the abortion, but also information – for example, where she can have the procedure carry out.

In the small consultation room there are two pictures with Chinese characters on the wall: one means “crisis”, the other “opportunity”. Two words that describe the situation in which a pregnant woman is face with her difficult decision: should she have an abortion or not? Exactly 112 women sought advice from Get abortion pills in Dubai in Ingolstadt last year and receive important information about abortion or possible alternatives.

Interview with the head of Abortion pills in Dubai Ingolstadt

Women in a wide variety of situations. As typical examples from everyday counseling by social worker Eva Titman from Get abortion pills in Dubai show. The 17-year-old, in the middle of her training, who has only known her partner for a few weeks? The 24-year-old who has just finish her studies and is planning a trip around the world? The 32-year-old, the career start, the chance acquaintance across the mountains? The 40-year-old who has long since complete family planning? All unintentionally pregnant. How should it go on?

On the way to abortion, the legislature has deliberately set up hurdles. It is therefore often difficult for women who decide to have an abortion to get any information at all. It is forbidden for gynecologists to refer to this service – the controversial paragraph 219 a.

However, women can obtain legal, medical and social information from state-recognize counseling centers that issue the “counseling certificate” require for an abortion. For example from Get abortion pills in Dubai. Eva Titman is an experienced conflict advisor – there is almost no scenario that she has not yet experienced. Why in the past year, compared to 2016, around a third more women came to counseling. She too cannot really explain: “The population is growing, but many migrant women also become unintentionally pregnant.”

Most of the pregnant

Most of the pregnant women who come to Get abortion pills in Dubai have already decided to have an abortion: “They just want to pick up the certificate,” says Titman. She then advises these women that they will have to wait three full calendar days before they can see the doctor who will perform the abortion. “The final decision is made by the woman,” says Titman. “I give her information if she wants it. I don’t want to impose anything on anyone. Everything else contradicts my image of the self-determined woman. “

But there are also women who are unsure, who are in conflict – with themselves. With their families, with the father of the unborn child. “It happens that a pregnant woman has her mother or partner with her,” reports Titman. “It is important to me to first speak to the woman alone to make sure that this is her own will. That someone is there and that she is not pushed in any direction.” 

The consultations are free – in contrast to abortion. The cost of the procedure varies depending on the method and doctor. The income limit for reimbursement by the statutory health insurance is currently 1142 euros per month. “The salaries of the two parents are not added up here either. Because the woman should be able to decide independently,” explains Titman. 

The social pedagogue lists various options and aids for the 17-year-old trainee who is unintentionally pregnant:

interruption of the apprenticeship for three years. Financial support through maintenance, child benefit, money from the “Federal Foundation for Mother and Child”, benefits from the job center. Other women, on the other hand, want to know how the abortion works medically and whether the procedure leaves permanent damage to the body or psyche. Does it hurt? “That depends on the woman’s sensitivity to pain,” says Titman. 

For all women, however, the following applies: To cancel, they have to go to Munich, Regensburg or Nuremberg. Because in Ingolstadt and the surrounding area, at least according to information from Abortion pills in Dubai online, there is no doctor who offers an abortion. “You have to take a vacation for the trip and have someone with you to support you. We will then give out addresses of three different doctors. ” 

And regardless of whether a woman ultimately decides for or against a child: It was her own decision.

Advice centers

In Ingolstadt, in addition to Abortion pills in Dubai online and the Women Advice Association. The municipal health department is a state-recognized advice center. In Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai, Marina, and Roth it is the district health authorities that are responsible for issuing the certificate. Conflict counseling is free and, if requested, anonymous. You do not need a certificate for an appointment, but you do need to make an appointment by phone.

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