8 Ways to Get More Social Media Followers in 2020

Using social media as a business strategy is crucial; however, this doesn’t mean it’s effortless. In this week’s episode, Samantha Russell, CMO at Twenty Over Ten, will be on hand to provide 8 strategies to increase your social media following quickly.

Pick 1-2 Platforms to Prioritize

The first tip is to choose one or two platforms you’re trying to focus on. Next, consider which areas your ideal potential customers and customers are spending the longest. If you’re dealing with many people who are pre-retired or retirees, as well as people who are over 50, Facebook will be among many of the platforms that are most well-liked by these people. If you’re focused on a younger audience, those under 45 years old, Instagram is a very popular platform to focus on. When you’re dealing with young entrepreneurs, young professionals, or executives in the field of technology, LinkedIn would be the best option. Finally, consider where your target audience spends most of their time and pick a few platforms. This is where you’ll invest the majority of your time and effort Check Now.

Connect With Every Client, Prospect, and Meeting You Have

Now, let’s talk about tip number two. It is important to engage with each client, each prospect you meet. Each time you’ve got an appointment in your calendar, check at the person you had a conversation with and then connect with them using the platform you’re focusing on. For example, when you’re planning to concentrate on LinkedIn when you’ve had an interaction with someone, you’ll head to LinkedIn to search their name, search for them, and send them a connection request. This is an extremely efficient method that can allow you to increase the number of contacts you’ve got quickly. Therefore, you should make sure that you repeat this process for every customer, potential client, and meeting you attend. Another thing that could help you expand your network quickly is making solicitations to people with second-degree connections. If you find that you have a connection with another person through a mutual connection, then send an email and tell them, “Hey, I’m aware of this particular person, and I would like to add you to my network.”

Tag Others in Your Posts

Three more tips. If you are posting new content, ensure that you include other people in your post relevant to the information. For instance, when you post something on estate planning and work with an estate planning lawyer in your area, include the attorney in your post and comment about how you can promote their services. This, in turn, will enable the reader to share your post quicker, make comments upon it, or possibly even share it, which could increase the visibility of your brand’s name to all those who follow the estate planning lawyer. This is likely to increase the number of readers who could be viewing your blog post more likely to see it. https://followerspro.uk/

Reply to Comments Immediately

Tip number four. When someone comments regarding anything you publish, You should respond as swiftly as possible. This is because, for all the algorithms of social media, comments are the way that they can gauge the level of engagement. They wish to present to their customers the most engaging and relevant content that they believe people will enjoy. The best barometer for this is how quickly an article, such as a new blog post, gets likes, comments, and shares. If someone comments on your post, it is important to respond quickly. This will show your algorithm. This was an interesting post. It’s possible to have someone in your team reserve the time to reply to the comments as soon as possible, or you may decide to post an hour or two during the day when you’re available to respond to comments as fast as you can. https://technewminds.com/


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