February is the month of love and romance. Valentine’s day fever is almost spreading and soon it will be at its peak. All the couples eagerly wait for this day to come every year. It is the time of the year when couples celebrate love with each other. 

Valentine week starts from rose day and goes till valentine’s day. All this one week love is in the air. You might have planned something to do on this valentine’s day with your partner or for your partner. If not and you are looking for ideas then I would recommend you to read this article completely.

Valentine’s week starts from the rose day so it is important to make it remarkable so that you have a good start to this romantic week. Here we have ideas on how you can celebrate the rose day with your partner. You can apply these ideas on Valentine’s Day as well. 

Gift a Rose cake to your partner-

The cake is the ultimate best thing you can give your lover on rose day. To add a twist to your gift you can get a rose cake for your partner. These days there are a variety of options available in cakes. You can pick according to your preferences but rose cake is something that will make your start of valentine’s week a memorable one.

You can easily order them from online bakeries and get them delivered at home. You can customize this rose cake accordingly and make it suited to your lover’s choices. You can accompany it with a handwritten love note. 

Gift rose-shaped chocolate to your lover-

Chocolates and roses are two exotic things that can never be replaced with any other thing. They both make a great combination together. These days there are a variety of chocolates available in different shapes and flavors. So you can get rose-shaped chocolate for them. They will love this gift from you. You can order these chocolates from online shopping websites easily. 

Decorate your partner’s car with roses-

I know this idea might seem a bit difficult but trust me it is way creative and romantic. You can do this for your boyfriend or husband and surprise him on rose day. You can get rose petals, rose strands and other decorative items from the market and use them to decorate your car. You can be creative in doing this.

You can choose any colour of rose you want. You can use a single color rose for decoration or you can play with different colours of roses. All this will take time and effort but trust me your partner will love it. He will feel very special and will appreciate this gesture of yours. This will be the best valentine’s gift for your boyfriend. 

Decorate the room with roses-

To start your valentine’s week on a great note you can decorate your partner’s room with roses. They will be surprised by this and will feel elated. You can play with different colours of roses to decorate the room.

When your partner will be away from home then you can utilize the time to decorate their room and make it a happy place for them when they are back. You can keep a rose day special card on the bed. If you lack creativity then you can check out for inspiration from the internet for the same. 

Arrange a rose spa at home-

The best way to relax after work is at a spa. But what if a spa comes to your home? To make this rose day extremely memorable for your partner you can arrange a rose spa at your home. You can fill the bathtub with rose petals, use mood lights, scented and aroma candles to decorate the bathroom. You can also play romantic music in the background to set the mood. I am sure your partner will love this setup. You can order Valentine’s day roses online for them.

I hope you liked and found the article helpful. Try out these ideas on the rose day for your partner and make the start of valentine’s week a memorable one for them.

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