Understanding The Background Of Catering Gas Safety Certificate.

Gas Safety Certificate

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If you have a commercial kitchen, you are legally oblige to ensure. that your gas appliances are inspect and certify by a qualify gas safety engineer at least once a year. Commercial kitchens must comply with strict regulations. This is because ventilation is require and there is a risk of fire if you do not follow proper instructions. In addition, it can be dangerous if equipment is not maintain. Therefore, it should be check regularly for leaks and deficiencies.

In accordance with the Gas safety certificate and the UK Standard, food business commercial kitchen operations must be equip with a gas safety interlock system. It is design to shut off the gas supply in case of fan failure. This ensures that the air flow obtain by the commercial kitchen distribution system meets the minimum standards set by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). The extraction system is perform in one of two possible ways. You can use a differential pneumatic switch that detects constant air pressure and closes it at a given air level. Alternatively, the current sensor monitors the current sent to the fan to achieve the same goal.

Gas safety certificate issue by a Gas Safety Engineer register CP42 for gas equipment and kitchen appliances. The certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue and is require by law every year. Only for commercial kitchen equipment such as:

  • Restaurants, cafes, clubs
  • Tech & Fast Food Store
  • Food business mobile kitchen or ready-made kitchen
  • Officers, schools, mods, NHS, state cafeteria
  • Nursing Home, Nursing Home, Day Care Center
  • All food production centers
  • All kitchens in the public and private sectors

Engineers inspect equipment and machinery before issuing a CP42 gas safety certificate

Gas Delivery Availability Plumbing System Inspection Gas Connection System Coverage of your insurance, including full exhaust in your kitchen, whether you have a current CP42 gas safety certificate, and you own it, it almost depends. You want to borrow. Do not assume that this is the responsibility of the landowner. The lease usually contains an article that transfers the responsibility of gas safety to the tenant.

How Much Does a CP42 Commercial Catering Kitchen Gas Safety Certificate Cost? 

The cost of the catering Gas safety certificate is £ 200-300, depending on the size of the kitchen and the gas appliances install. For larger kitchens with more split ceilings, the cost increases. There are other commercial gas safety certificates to consider. In some cases, a Gas Inspection (CP16) may be require, or a Gas Installation Safety Report (CP17) or a Gas Test Drive / Services Record (CP15) may be require.

Additional Information:

  • Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – Gas Safety in Food and Hospitality
  • Construction Engineering Services Association (BESA) – Kitchen Ventilation System Requirements

Proper installation and maintenance of commercial catering equipment and fixtures is essential. This allows the device to maintain optimal performance in a safe operating environment. If you notice problems such as gas odor or poor equipment performance, contact an engineer immediately.

Gas safety certificate specializes in installing gas catering equipment in commercial catering kitchens to prove their safety. We also provide gas safety certificates for mobile sales trailers and outdoor events.

Our commercial gas services include:

  • Testing, maintenance Gas pipe pressure repair
  • Installation and certification of gas catering equipment
  • Inspection and repair of gas lines Installation and maintenance of gas interlock system
  • Inspection and certification of extraction tents
  • 24/7 emergency support service
  • Installing a hot water boiler in a commercial kitchen

Our team will work with you to make sure your commercial kitchen is safe. And get the latest information on all current regulations. Contact us to schedule a gas safety check or regarding your commercial catering gas needs. Please call 0203 239 0374. And email at: [email protected]

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