The Top 5 Benefits Of Toll Free Number Enabling Indian

Indian toll free number

The Indian toll-free number has gained immense popularity, and many businesses have started providing toll-free contact numbers to their customers. In India, these numbers are available in the 1800 series. These are in the format 1800-ABC-DEFG and are easy to recall. These numbers are free for the customers who can dial up the customer care number starting with the prefix 1800 followed by the unique numbers. The solution is easy to set up and activated quickly.

The solution offers umpteen benefits to businesses that help them get a competitive edge and withstand the competition in the market. Moreover, the solution is cost-effective, and therefore even small and mid-size companies can get this software to streamline their business communication. So, the toll-free number providers in India are in huge demand.

Let’s discuss the top 5 benefits of the toll-free number in India and how it helps businesses streamline online communication.

  • Better Lead conversion: The solution helps attract a large number of calls. The callers do not have to bear any cost of contacting the business, so they are more likely to place the call. It is important to note that business organisations can increase conversion rates with better call rates.
  • Build brand recall value: The Indian toll-free number is available with the prefix 1800 followed by six or seven-digit numbers, which are easy to recall. Companies can build a substantial recall value with these contact numbers as they are easy to remember compared to the traditional phone numbers. Companies can engage the audience with the toll-free number across multi-touchpoint customer campaigns.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: The toll-free contact number is free for the customers, which is a significant factor that contributes to providing higher customer satisfaction. Customers can call up the business free of cost, which helps companies create a happy customer base.
  • Tap new markets: Every business wants to expand after a certain point in time but does not want to burn its pockets for expansion. Companies can use the cost-effective toll-free number in India and strengthen their client communication in foreign countries. They can enable prospective customers to reach out to them with toll-free contact numbers.
  • Omnipresence: Omnipresence plays a crucial role in strengthening the business relationship with the customers. Customers can resolve their queries by connecting to the multi-level IVR and choosing the correct option to resolve their questions. The customers can resolve their queries with the self-help menus, and they do not necessarily need to talk to a live agent to get an answer to their questions.

Additional Benefits:

The solution provided by toll-free number providers in India is embedded with the IVR solution, which offers several options for customers. The customers can select from the various options provided in the multi-level IVR menus and quickly get answers to their questions. The solution allows recording the conversation between the agents and the customers. The data collected proves to be highly useful for the business as it can easily understand the prominent issues their customers face. They can tweak their business strategies to align them with the customers’ expectations. In this way, they can provide a better CX and maximise their profitability.

Apart from the call recording and call routing feature, the solution is also equipped with the call routing capability, which allows smartly routing the calls to the available agents. The solution connects the call to the following free agent and provides quick connectivity. Faster connectivity offers an enhanced CX, ensuring that the customers are acquired and retained better. By collecting feedback with the solutions, businesses can track the success of their marketing campaigns.


So, now you are acquainted with the top 5 benefits of the toll-free number, you would probably need a reliable toll-free number company in India that can offer you a high–quality product accompanied by robust customer support. Knowlarity is one of India’s top toll-free number providers that offers a comprehensive range of cloud communication products, including the Indian toll-free number. The company has served more than 6000 organisations in 65+ countries and assisted them in streamlining their communication with its wide range of products. You can book a free trial or a demo and know the product better. For more information on the toll-free number in India, feel free to visit


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