James Khuri: Replicating Success In The E-Commerce World

James Khuri 10 Facts Abou Real estate Investing.

James Khuri Real Estate Agent: There are a lot of people that have been able to make success in e-commerce and many more who have failed. Success is not just about the product you offer or where you sell it but your ability to be consistent with yourself throughout this process.

James Khuri: I really see my business as having three pillars, which would include content creation, marketing channels, and finally sales channels. The first one is content production; what I do on an everyday basis for both myself personally as well for brands like JustFab that we’re working with today – posting Q&A’s on Instagram stories every single day so information can be disseminated at any given point of time during the day through social media platforms like Facebook Live or Periscope.

This helps us build community around our brand by allowing consumers access into our world from wherever they may happen to find themselves across all these different platforms whether it’s YouTube videos making them laugh hysterically while running errands or websites giving them some background info before deciding if they want to buy anything because there will always be someone out there looking up things on Google such as “what does James mean,” “how old is he?” Etcetera? So right now those two aspects are very important in terms of content creation and marketing.

The third pillar

The third pillar would be sales channels and that’s where we’re going to focus in this interview because one of the things that we’ve been able to do is create a brand that has very strong online sales outlets, which are all tied back into our social media platforms, our blog, and then leveraging all these different avenues like email marketing and other different ways of getting consumers to buy from us.

James Khuri: So we have a very strong e-commerce company today. We have over 15 million people who are already engaged with our brand online in terms of buying products from us. We also have a very strong physical store presence as well with over 30 locations across the country including over 20 warehouse distribution centers or DCs across the country.

James Khuri 10 Facts Abou Real estate Investing.

James Khuri: So let’s look at the 10 things that I feel are most important in terms of real estate investing. The first one is that you need to understand your market. You need to be able to talk about your market and what makes it unique and why it’s different than other markets in the market as well as how you can serve that market.

Second thing

The second thing is knowledge of the local laws, regulations, tax codes, and also understanding the local housing markets there are all very important things to know before you can invest in real estate because there are always going to be those things that you need to know in order to make sure that when you go out into a property and you’re building a business around it, because if you don’t have all of this information, then it could really put yourself at risk for liability issues as well as other legalities as far as being able to purchase something with confidence.

Third thing

James Khuri: The third thing is really being able to understand the different facets of real estate. There’s the traditional aspect of it, which is the structure of it, the history of it, and also knowing what makes a property attractive to buy as well as being able to describe why you think it should be purchased.

Fourth thing

The fourth thing that I would say is that you need to be very, very good at negotiating because there are so many different ways that people can negotiate in real estate. You have to know how to negotiate with a seller and how to negotiate with a buyer as well as being able to take all of those different factors into consideration and really understand not only what you want out of a real estate transaction but also what the other party wants out of a real estate transaction.

Fifth thing

The fifth thing I would say is really understanding that time is an important factor when you’re purchasing properties. You need to really understand how much time you have before closing day and being able to estimate on when exactly are you going to be able to close on a property.

The sixth thing is understanding that you need to invest in property management as well as being able to do the work yourself.

Seventh thin

James Khuri: The seventh thing that I would say is understanding how to manage your money in real estate and being able to do the work of managing your money but also having people that are really good at managing your money, being able to find those people, and retain them.

The eighth thing is really understanding the market itself and knowing how long it takes for market conditions to change.

The nine, knowing what you’re going into before you go into real estate investing. James Khuri: So I would say those are my 10 most important things when it comes down to real estate investing.

James Khuri: And the last one, lastly, I would say is making sure that you have a great deal of patience because there are probably going to be some setbacks and there will be some hard times. But if you have the patience, you will be able to overcome those setbacks and get through it. James Khuri: And that’s kind of like my take on real estate investing. James Khuri: I hope that was helpful.

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