How many days are required for the Andaman tour?



The total number of days which are required for the Andaman tour will depend upon your choice if you simply want to enjoy the main attractions or want to enjoy all about the Andaman tour. If your purpose is merely for visiting major attractions, then the times which are required for this trip are going to be around 6 to 7 days but if you’ve got the will to enjoy everything about the Andaman tour then it’ll take a minimum of 10 to 12 days.

A 6 nights & 7 days trip are going to be only enough for an Andaman Island trip. you only must confirm that you simply book your flight tickets a minimum of 2–3 months beforehand , as these are often a touch higher as compared to your expectation of cost consistent with the budget.

When going with Family and friends

For an exquisite vacation that you simply are going for together with your family, your wife , your friends or maybe alone then it’s recommended that you simply should get on islands for a minimum of 5 days, and you’ll spend subsequent two days travelling around. The trip for six days & 7 nights will allow you to explore the main attractions of Andaman.

But if you’re thinking of exploring a leisure holiday while doing more and more different activities and need to spend longer on the locations then it’s recommended to spend a minimum of 10-12 days for the trip.

Best way to book

When you look for the tour operator you’ll come to understand that the majority of the tour operators will provide a 5 to 7 days trip, which can depend upon your budget and therefore the trip type. But if you’re trying to find a tour operator who will provide you with a 10-12 days trip then it’ll be quite difficult for you.

If the luck is with you and you bought the tour operator who will provide you with a 10–12-day leisure trip, then, first of all, you want to be happy as you already know that it’s not that easy. And after celebrating this happiness you ought to contact your tour provider and ask them to organize a custom trip itinerary for you.

How to Plan Andaman Tour

If you’re more concerned about the value and every one then here is the suggestion that you simply should plan the trip all by yourself but if you’re not so concerned and your pocket allows you then only you’ll attend an agent .

So, it’ll be better if you book all by yourself. you’ll be happy to understand that you simply are saving a minimum of Rs. 15,000–20,000, if you are doing all the work by making bookings all by yourself.

The best time to visit.

October to May is the absolute best time to go to the Andaman Islands. During this era , most of the tourists visited Andaman. During this point of the year, the weather remains pleasant and is simply perfect for sightseeing, water sports, and any sort of beach activity.

Although, it’s good to go to the Andaman Islands at any time of the year because it may be a year-round destination. But, during the summer and winter seasons, it can sometimes go worse. During the summer season between April to July, the temperature remains between 24°C to 37°C, and it’s super hot there. 

So, between October to May is the absolute best time to go to Andaman. and therefore the very peak time to go is going to be within the winters between December and March.

Steps to follow when you are going Yourself

When you are planning the trip by yourself then you ought to follow the subsequent steps:

  1. Keep in mind how you would like to plan for a visit , such as you want to plan with a gaggle otherwise you need a solo trip.
  2. One should book your tickets for the flight and if you bought the sales or the discount then it’ll be great for you.
  3. plan for how many days you’re getting to stay there.
  4. After deciding the amount of days for staying you ought to plan your budget.

Places which you can visit during the trip.

When you select the 5 days you’ll get these places to enjoy. You’ll be at Port Blair for the primary day then you’ll spend each day around Neil Island then you’ll spend each day at Havelock, then you’ll get to enjoy the skin diving day and eventually , you’ll get to enjoy a Mud volcano excursion .

This is all that you simply got to realise about spending the amount of days on the Andaman Islands.

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