Pregnant woman writes letter to her baby who is going to have an abortion

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“Little thing, I can feel you inside of me” – so begins a heartbreaking letter from a woman to her unborn baby. They are words of sadness, pain of abortion and fear that will move you to tears.

Having a child is a miracle – but also a decision for life. Because after birth nothing is the same as it used to be. But even if many women cannot imagine anything better than becoming a mother, a pregnant woman has now made the most difficult decision of her life. She will not have her unborn baby and will have an abortion.

She did not take this step easily and thought it over well. To express her emotions and thoughts, she wrote a heartbreaking letter to her unborn child on the online platform Reddit . They are touching words from a courageous woman – full of doubt, sadness and fear. It’s a heartfelt apology.

“I’m sorry this is a goodbye”

“Little thing,

I can feel you inside of me. I have an appetite for two and only half as much energy. It breaks my heart that I don’t feel the joy I should be. Sorry, and again not .

I’m sorry this is a goodbye. sad that I’ll never meet you. You could have your father’s eyes and my nose and we could start our own traditions; be a family. But, little one Thing, we’ll meet again, I promise you that the next time I see the little blue plus, the next time we’re in the same reality, I’ll be ready for you.

“I can’t do to you what was done to me”

Little thing I want you to be happy More than I want something good for myself, I wish the best for the future. That’s why I can’t be your mother right now. I still have to grow. It would not be fair to bring a new life into this world if I myself am still haunt by the ghosts of the past. Want you to have all the things that I never had. I want you to be better than I ever was and greater than I could ever be.

I can’t do to you what was done to me: to plant a seed that was born out of love and spontaneity in the garden and hope that it will only grow through dreams. Love and spontaneity are great, but they are of little value. And while I have enough dreams to haunt my mind, dreams are not effective enough to build a better future for you. I can’t bring you here. Not so.

I love you little thing and I wish the circumstances were different. I promise you I’ll meet you again and next time you can call me mom. “

30 years of abortion clinic

The abortion clinic pro: woman has now been in existence for 30 years , which is to be celebrate on September 3, 2009 in the Vienna City Hall. Not all see this anniversary as a blessing.

Before the legal basis for the time limit solution was create under the then Minister for Women, Johanna Dohan, in 1975, women had to put themselves in the hands of angel makers in order to have an abortion carry out. Since the hygienic conditions and medical knowledge were seldom sufficient, the women often had complications that could result in death. The deadline solution brought a sigh of relief among women about the self-determination of their bodies. But also horror at the killing of unborn life among those who oppose abortion. Just one year after the legal basis, in 1976, the abortion clinic was found on the meat market.

Split opinions

To this day, opinions on this subject differ widely. Again and again women are prevent from abortion opponents from entering the premises of abortion clinics. It also happens that they are insult as murderers when they leave the premises. The 30th anniversary of the abortion clinic pro: woman on the meat market, which is schedule to take place on September 3rd, is causing the conflict to flare up again .

Celebrations in the town hall

In order to prevent the ceremony of the abortion clinic at the beginning of September, Cardinal Christoph Schön born sent a personal letter to Mayor Michael Hull . In his letter he expresses his concern about the plan celebration in the Vienna City Hall for the 30th anniversary of the abortion clinic Express. “Such an event would make it clear that there was apparently no consensus with regard to the protection of human life from conception on”. The Archbishop of Vienna made the conviction of the Church clear: “Nobody calls for punishment for desperate women. But abortion is not a solution. The current Austrian law says very clearly that abortion is wrong: it is about the killing of human life. That is no trivial matter . “

The women’s spokeswoman for the ÖVP Vienna, Lab. Barbara Feldman, suggests a similar notch. “There is nothing to celebrate at the anniversary of the outpatient clinic at the Fleischmarkt. Where numerous abortions are perform every year,” said Feldman. “Women who decide to have an abortion are in an exceptional situation. They need help, support and accompanying social measures”.

City councilor Monika Vanna von den Grunion welcomes the celebrations of the abortion clinic . “Sexual medicine and pregnancy assistance is an important offer for women that cannot and should not be ignore. 30 years of existence of the outpatient clinic are definitely a reason to celebrate. As many women have been advise here and support in a difficult life situation. ” Vanna continues: “In addition. It is important to finally make abortions possible in all public hospitals and to offer them on a health certificate.”

The responsible city councilor for health, Sonja Wesley . Made it clear that she did not want to do without a ceremony in the town hall.

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