Best web design software of 2024

It’s the perfect stepping stone for getting comfortable with web design software. Our expert reviewers have tested, reviewed, and rated a wide range of website support tools, including the best web hosting services and the best Adobe Dreamweaver alternatives. While the main focus is on HTML, Bluefish supports a huge range of other languages including PHP, Java, JavaScript, SQL, XML and CSS. Unlike visual WYSIWYG web design tools, the text interface makes for much cleaner code. Unlike many WYSIWYG editors, the code produced is very clean and well-written even if you choose the ‘I have no coding experience’ option during setup. Webflow’s automation tool will create the necessary HTML/CSS code for you.

While the $10 per month (billed annually) Personal plan allows users to connect a custom domain, it displays Weebly ads, so it is unsuitable for business use. Bring more people to your site and convert visitors with a wide range of built-in eCommerce and business solutions like SEO and marketing tools. Plus, you’ll always have the support you need with 24/7 customer care. You can (and should) tweak the elements from there, but AI can save you time and money. With all these services, you build everything yourself, starting with a template you choose from a (hopefully) wide, well-categorized selection.


It lets you build truly eye-catching websites with its wide array of templates, as well as responsive design for mobile screens. Custom code, blogging tools, and deep e-commerce capabilities gives sites all the powerful functionality serious users need. GoDaddy’s builder not only helps you create sites, but gives you the features needed to get that site in front of as many eyeballs as possible. If you’re looking for a website builder for small business, we recommend Shopify. It’s an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features, such as abandoned cart recovery and automatic tax calculation.

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We found this limited, better serving casual users and small teams with a small output compared to the monthly/annual subscription plans tailored to freelancers, teams, and organizations. Front-end developers are responsible for designing and building the user interface of web design programs a website or web application. They work with various programming languages, software, and tools to create the visual design and functionality of the website that users interact with. To start, I find Duda one of the most intuitive drag-and-drop website builders around.

Squarespace Website Builder

Plus, you get a suite of built-in SEO tools to help you compete in organic search. The highlighted website builders offer some degree of photo and gallery display. Others let you touch up images with editing tools such as cropping, brightness, and Instagram-like filters. Responsive design is a popular web design strategy used by some website builders.

APIs define the methods and data formats that applications can use to request and exchange information. An essential component of the architecture of a web application is a server or cloud instance. A cloud instance is a virtual server instance that can be accessed via the Internet and is created, delivered, and hosted on a public or private cloud. It functions as a physical server that may seamlessly move between various devices with ease or set up several instances on one server. It is important to ensure that web applications are accessible and visually appealing across various devices and screen sizes. Responsive design uses CSS media queries and flexible layouts to adapt to different viewing environments.

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I added a few key notes that should be included and the AI sort of got it right, though the image it chose made zero sense and the text was a little odd, so I needed to adjust both. I don’t think I’d use it in the future because it didn’t save me much time, but as it gets better in time, it could be a helpful tool. Peter Garcia Leets, a digital marketer and web specialist and one of our advisory board members, also hasn’t had a good experience with HostGator’s customer service. “If anything goes wrong with their tools, settings or account, then it become really complicated and time-consuming for them to actually fix it,” he shared. HostGator is one of the most affordable options of all the best website builders. The true drag-and-drop editor is intuitive and allows you to drag an element anywhere on the page you’d like.

website development software

You need to find the right balance of cost and features to fulfill your needs. These were then weighted to favor features that small business owners find valuable in a website builder. WordPress isn’t difficult to use by any means, but it isn’t as easy as the all-in-one website builders.

Can I create a website without knowing how to code?

The current web development trend includes technologies like – IOT, voice search, machine learning, cyber-security, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and more. Integrate marketing tools, collect form data, store backups, and more. Yes, you can create any kind of landing page with Wix, including a landing page or one-page website. Explore beautiful HTML landing page templates and get started with the landing page builder.

website development software

Most use simple drag-and-drop interfaces that let you include social share buttons, photo galleries, blogs, media players, and other items. Some website builders let you restrict viewing by implementing a password and offering site memberships. Bluehost’s WordPress focus means it’s more suited for users eager to join that ecosystem, rather than go with something more standalone.

Best for e-commerce sites

Establish a strong brand identity with a customizable logo, color and text themes, and more. Sell online and manage your business with powerful eCommerce solutions. Streamline your day-to-day with built-in business solutions, tailored to your needs. Katherine Haan is a small business owner with nearly two decades of experience helping other business owners increase their incomes. To get the best possible experience please use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge to view this website. Even better is that there are a number of free stock photo sites and free stock video sites.

You don’t need to tinker with themes to create a good-looking website. It’s one of the few builders that let you switch themes without rebuilding the site, which is a big plus. Dorik’s free tier is a stable and capable website builder that anyone can use. Forget coding, you simply add and customize the templates and interactive UI elements until you like what you see.

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Facilitating everything from ideation to handoff, it has swiftly become the go-to software of UI and UX designers across the globe. If you want to design a website, but you don’t have any coding knowledge, you need a web builder, which makes it easy to do so using a template and drag-and-drop. The downside is, you won’t have much leeway in how your site looks and feels, but on the plus side, it is very quick and easy to get a site up and running. With the best web design software you can prototype, build design systems, write code and more.

  • However, it’s $159 per month (billed annually), which is expensive for the industry.
  • Another drawback of that approach is that you can only see traffic from the preceding day and earlier; it’s not up-to-the-minute, or even the hour.
  • So, to become a web developer, it’s essential to know some popular front-end and back-end web programming languages like HTML, CSS, JS, and more.
  • Plus, there is no support beyond the community because is a free and open-source platform.
  • Squarespace, in particular, has many useful and attractive templates.